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Figured I'd try starting up a forum game.

"Ruined Wish" is a light-hearted game about granting the post above's you wish... but not exactly the way they intended it...

Post 1: I wish I wasn't thirsty.
Post 2: Granted, but now there's so much water in your system, you drowned.  :(
I wish I had a puppy.
Post 3: Granted, but the puppy is sick and paying the mass amounts of vet bills has rendered you homeless.
I wish I had a sandwich.

Etc... etc...  Haha, just figured this might be fun.  I'll start us off.

I wish my hands weren't cold.

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Granted, but the tattoo artist had a family emergency and will be out of town for a week. Your tattoo has been postponed for another Saturday.

I wish there was something worth watching on tv.
granted but its in a dead language that you cant understand

i wish that going to the movies was cheaper
Done but now all the movies suck so bad you don't want to see them.

I wish i could get a pair of docs.
You can, but they don't fit you.

I wish I had the time and patience to learn guitar.
Oh that doesnt matter XD so wish not ruined

granted but 2 days after you master the guitar all your fingers get chopped off in a horrible accident

I wish the patches i ordered would come in sooner

Granted, but you weren't home to receive them, so they sat on your doorstep and got ruined by rain/snow/that stupid stray cat that pees on everything.


I wish moving wasn't such a pain.

granted, but now your a tree rooted to the ground


I wish people posted on this site more often :P

Granted, but every post is a troll.


I wish I had something good to eat.

Granted, but it gives you massive indigestion after about half an hour.


I wish my "tattoo" necklace wasn't falling apart, I love that thing.

Granted, but now it's a mix of ugly colours like shit brown and piss yellow.


I wish I could breathe through my nose.

granted but now you piss out your elbow


i wish i had a motorcycle

That would actually be awesome if I could piss out of my elbow. Anyway...

Granted, but it's a Shitty 50 year old thing that doesn't start. (My ex had one like that, it was fucking hilarious watching the bastard try and fix it.)

I wish I could buy all the shoes I want from D:


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