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Figured I'd try starting up a forum game.

"Ruined Wish" is a light-hearted game about granting the post above's you wish... but not exactly the way they intended it...

Post 1: I wish I wasn't thirsty.
Post 2: Granted, but now there's so much water in your system, you drowned.  :(
I wish I had a puppy.
Post 3: Granted, but the puppy is sick and paying the mass amounts of vet bills has rendered you homeless.
I wish I had a sandwich.

Etc... etc...  Haha, just figured this might be fun.  I'll start us off.

I wish my hands weren't cold.

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Granted, you are in Finland - buried alive in the land.


I wish people didn't put things off that are important to me.

Granted, but now they put things on that are important to you.


I wish I knew where my cat was.

granted, your cats with 50 identical cats

I wish winter lasted longer here

@Simon: haha so true  =)

Granted but it got so cold every thing froze over and now your trapped in your house doomed to freeze to death D:


I wish i could figure out how to wrap patches

granted, but everyone knows whats they are (assuming your wrapping em for christmas. If not then I feel like an idiot)
*cough* put em in bricks and wrap those *cough*

I wish I had more screen printing ink

lol you were right XD its for christmas


Granted but now your printer broke and you cant fix it


I wish the NOFX show coming up wasn't 21+

screen printing ink is what I use to make shirts XD


the show isnt 21+ its 21- but youve magically turned 21

I wish my orange dye would fade so I can do it red

Done but after you dye it red it turns pink and no matter what you do it stays pink


I wish i had something to do

Granted you had so much stuff to do, that you exploded lol



I wish Rancid would have a concert in my house.

Granted, but other fans come and trample you to death. :(


I wish I didn't just drop my medication into my tea...

Granted, but you just drank some gasoline and burned down when lighting your next cigarette.


I wish I could go for free to my favourite restaurant.


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