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Figured I'd try starting up a forum game.

"Ruined Wish" is a light-hearted game about granting the post above's you wish... but not exactly the way they intended it...

Post 1: I wish I wasn't thirsty.
Post 2: Granted, but now there's so much water in your system, you drowned.  :(
I wish I had a puppy.
Post 3: Granted, but the puppy is sick and paying the mass amounts of vet bills has rendered you homeless.
I wish I had a sandwich.

Etc... etc...  Haha, just figured this might be fun.  I'll start us off.

I wish my hands weren't cold.

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Granted but your gums are terribly diseased so they all fall out and you have to keep them next to your bed.

I wish I had some orange juice

granted, but then it keeps on growing at a rapid pace, and never stops until the room that you are in at the moment is full of hair, and you end up choking on your own hair.

I wish that people weren't so discriminating towards punks

GRANTED,but the person who does that is also capable of hacking into your cpu only using the letters Y&L taking your identity and ruining your life

I wish my penis was smaller
granted, but now you need tweezers and a microscope to masturbate.

i wish i had some expensive bass equipment.
Granted but now the cops are picking you up for theft
I wish my dog didnt chew things up

 Granted, but he swallows a knife, without chewing, and dies.


 I wish I was a pro skateboarder.

Granted, but then your skateboard snaps while your doing a 360 flip, and you end up in hospital for six months.

I wish the goverment put people before profit.

They do, but then they start eating them and serving it to the homless.
I wish I could find cool stuff in the trash

 Granted, but now the government posted a new law that all garbage must be burnt.


 I wish I was sixteen already, so I could get a job and get the hell out of my house.

Granted, okay so youre 16 now and nobody will get you gifts anymore they think ur an adult.
I wish I had a cookie sandwich

GRANTED,,,,But the cookie monster kicked you in the nuts and took it

I wish I could go back in time with a couple of machine guns and rob the kings of their gold and gems

 Granted, but you get run over by the car from Back To The Future while running away.


 I wish I could eat little children and not get arrested. 


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