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Figured I'd try starting up a forum game.

"Ruined Wish" is a light-hearted game about granting the post above's you wish... but not exactly the way they intended it...

Post 1: I wish I wasn't thirsty.
Post 2: Granted, but now there's so much water in your system, you drowned.  :(
I wish I had a puppy.
Post 3: Granted, but the puppy is sick and paying the mass amounts of vet bills has rendered you homeless.
I wish I had a sandwich.

Etc... etc...  Haha, just figured this might be fun.  I'll start us off.

I wish my hands weren't cold.

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you now have a alarm that goes off everytime someone replys. but its the noise of a police siren in your ear

i wish that i was 18 =\
Granted but now you wish you were younger again.

I wish it was Saturday.

but its the last saturday in the history of mankind

your now 18 months old

i wish my internet connection wasnt so slow
Granted but your computer crashes.

I wish my wishes couldn't be ruined...

your wishes will never be ruined but they wont ever become real


you have faster internet but yourcomputer crashes

i wish that school would end.. forever
Hivemind on his wish :O

Granted but now you're bored as all hell.

I wish I wasn't socially awkward >_>

but your fforced to join the army

i wish i had a nice cold pint of lager
Granted but you SPILL IT ALL!

I wish I could live off ice cream and not get fat.

you wont get fat but you get the worst acne in the world

you are now so popular that is insanely annoying

i wish that my mom would BACK THE FUCK OFF


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