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Driving down the road I saw a small cat meowing at passing by cars. Its not far from my apartment  (we have an 8 foot deep tree line behind us, with houses on the other side,then the aforementioned road). I decided to walk back and give him some dry cat food. This was a mistake, he followed me home. 

I currently have a cat thats batshit insane, giant, and buff as hell, yet doesnt seem to mind this cat. I let him sleep in my lap petting this black crap off of him, until I saw a lady-bug sized bug run out of his fur and back under so he gets to live in my backyard tonight. Oh, and it turns out all that black crap is fleas.

I got flyers up around the neighborhood I found him in, with my phone number, I tried getting him in my cats vet-box but that shit wasn't gonna happen, I also got him in my car once and it was like fluffy pin-ball from hell. 

Anybody else think of anything better to do, or should I just take him to the humane society tomorrow? I'm thinking all I can really do is wrestle him into the trunk and try to avoid speed bumps =/

picture attached is the cat

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You want to keep him and love 'im, you know you do. That'll cost a boatload of cash for shots, flea-dipping, and everything else that goes with adorable. Placing cats can be really tough. I'd suggest seeing if there's a no-kill cat shelter near you. Younger cats can sometimes be placed fast from that type of shelter. Good luck. Love can hurt, even when you're doing your best just to be a good fella to a cat which needs your help.

My cat (Big Black) is in complete contrast to this one, I knew Big Black's mom, she was hit by car, he raised himself eating whatever was smaller than him, he is completely savage and wild.

So I know that this cat has to have a home somewhere. He doesn't run away from people (he actually runs after em) and only drinks water out of a dish. 

I'm confident if I don't find the owners, somebody would be willing to adopt him. The humane society cant pick up animals until Monday, so I go until then to find what to do with him.

As long as it's got the shots and treatment, you got the time and love for it, there's no better place for it.
Shelters, as loving as the people who volunteer in them, are still cold and frightening places for these animals. Not always 100% they will be allowed to live or just as likely to be euthanized.


On the other hand, if it just so happened to survive on the street for this long, it could've been somebody's beloved outdoor cat.

As long as the cat's happy I guess. You're doing the right thing by posting notices, and not just outright stealing someones friend. Remember that pet owners have bad days, just like parents do with children.
I wish I had seen this sooner. First of all, good for you for taking it in and taking care of it! You're like my favorite person ever right now lol. It seems obvious that you arnt willing/able to make your home this kitties forever home. This is understandable, you can't always keep every animal you find on the street.

So far you've done the right thing by posting flyers. Post them where you found the cat, as well as near by neighborhoods, pet stores, and vets. Go to your local pound/shelter and fill out found pet forms as well as posting your flyers there. My family once had one of our dogs go missing. It is one of the most horrible things in the world to have a loved pet go missing. It was also thanks to an amazing older woman who did those things that we got our dog back home safely. Your hard work and compassion can mean the world to one poor family missing their dear pet.

If you really can't have the cat stay any longer or you've already searched for it's possible family with no luck research and contact a local animal rescue that can take the cat. Rescues are usually non-profit and are run by good hearted people who volunteer their time and homes to care for animals until they can be adopted. The second best option is a no kill shelter. If at all possible avoid pounds/shelters with a euthanasia policy.

Hope I wasn't too late to be of any help for you and kitty. He's so pretty ^.^
The cats about a year or 2 old, I had an old lady say her orange and white kitten got out and ran away a year ago. Turns out this was it! He didnt get far, I'm pretty sure if the old lady really liked the cat any she would have easily found him.
Well that's good! Some people don't know what to do when they loose a pet.. I hope she is more careful to keep him inside this time.
did u take him by the back of the neck and put his bak legs in first best was to get in cat box of u can always wrap it up in a towle like a baby with on its head free so cannot escape :) xxx
Thanks, but I ended up just carrying him to his owners house

glad all ended well,,BUT lmao,, the flea thing


I had never seen that many fleas in my life, I'm surprised the thing wasn't scratching like a meth addict


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