Mohawks Rock

Some things that have become a bit more difficult are:
-driving...i have to put the seat back down and scrunch way down in my seat to fit. do you people with realllly long mohawks fit in a car??
-sleeping. I'd rather not sleep on my back because it will smash the back..but sleeping on my side bothers some of my newer piercings. :S
-large crowds...if someone isn't bitching about getting poked with it they're running their fingers across the top, bending it over or otherwise fucking it up.
-dealing with everyone's sarcastic remarks. I'm sure you all know what i'm talking about.
Other than that, I fucking love it.
The other day I went to buy groceries and 5 different little kids came up to me and told me how much they liked my even asked his mom if he could cut his hair like that :)..his mom wasn't very enthused. haha.

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I find the most annoying part is having the back stick straight out. In the winter, my coat constantly hits it and i have to look down when I walk with the coat on. Otherwise, I haven't found anything I can't do with ease.
Haha, when kids come up to you...i don't know about you guys, but it feels really awesome to me...haha :D

I've had mixed reactions when it comes to parents. Some are kinda iffy about it, but some actually ask their kids if they want it...its an awesome lifestyle...hahaha
when i drive i take out my head rest..haha it makes everything easier but my hawk is almost at 6 inches so when i turn my head when changing lanes my tips rub and it makes them all fuzzy and gay.

i sleep on my face so it doesnt fuck with my hair..ha

in large crowds i TRY to annoy people that complain

dealing with sarcastic marks hmm.... i havent got many in awhile but i used to just stare at the person like i was going to kill them..hahaha
HA HA HA. I do NOT miss having all of these problems!!! But still...I miss my hawk. I think that I am going too cry. Why why WHY did I ever cut it??

But still...At least I don't have to worry about how I'm going to ride in the car or how I am going too sleep. And I don't have too deal with peoples stupid stupid stupid sarcastic remarks, man. But still...I miss it.
I've had no trouble riding in cars for two reasons. 1. I'm super short without the hawk(4'10) 2. My mohawk isn't that 3 inches tops...and that's just the front it tapers towards the back. Anyways.

Sleeping I have just accepted...I sleep however I want. But because my hawk is so little I don't have as much of an issue with fixing it...especially since the back is not as long as the front...blah blah blah you get it.

Large crowds hawk = no mohawk bitch slaps

And I haven't gotten many sarcastic remarks...actually I haven't gotten any (so far, I've only had it 2/3 months now so I'm sure I'll get some eventually). Most people who make comments tell me how much they like it. And how I "have the face for it." The girl who cuts my hair (I don't trust myself to cut it, or anyone who hasn't been trained lol.) actually asked if she could take a picture to put up on some board they were making showcasing peoples hair they've cut with like their name under it. Which I thought was pretty awesome.

Side note: I don't really spike it up hardcore...I fluff it up I guess. So it's a softer looking kind of I guess because of that people aren't really as intimidated or w/e by it. I just don't think I look good with it spiked up, I just can't pull it off.


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