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Just joined specifically to ask this question.

So my hair is pretty damn long, I think. Nothing to be shooting fireworks about but it's long! I've always wanted to get a mohawk, and at the furthest end I want liberty spikes. (Or those things people call Wookiehawks, I think, where you got spikes every the which way.)

I've looked around and can't seem to find anything that doesn't involve shaving and/or cutting at least a bit of your hair, which I don't want to do. I know, I should, but I don't want to!

So the questions are--

Is it feasible to have a fan hawk without cutting off ANYTHING- if so, how do you style it?

Also, these liberty-spike things that have spikes sticking everywhere. HOW? I mean HOW!?

Picture below, and thanks.

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Well, I thought it's kinda weird looking, but I've done it to my friends hair a few times.

You section off the part you want up.
What's left on the sides, you part in small sections and going straight up (like how majority black people would have their braids go back... if you know what I mean) you twist and pin it.
All the hair that's pinned up will go into your hawk.

If my description sucks... a lot, then I'm sorry. Good luck.
Thanks for the advice.

Not exactly sure what ya mean by the direction of braids(for the example.) For the sides, do you mean them shooting back up towards the back of my head like I'm standing infront of a fan, or going straight up towards the mohawk?


Is teasing my hair required for the whole thing?

sticking str8 up like don kings black ass has hair straight up lmao


Well, this is probably by far the worst picture to show you, but it's the only one I have. 


You can kinda tell how her hair is twisted going up. Dark parts are her hair, the lighter spots are her scalp I think. 

You don't have to twist the hair, but it helps keep it up better. 


Than you fan it.

i used to get wookie pikes hahaa they are called liberty spikes ass shoul probably try the liberty spikes 1st i remember i got a hawk after i googled crazy hair and just went along and got a hawk nd it was to late for me to give spikes all over a chance like 2 or 3 months later i shaved it off nd grew it back got libertuy spikes....gotta be glued spiking spray works really good on libery spikes ad all u gotta do is grab small bundles of you hair at a time spray it nd blow dry dy it till its dry nd itll check out vids on youtube of how to do liberty spikes or sumtn.
Alright I see what you're talking about, basically.. like you said. Braids, like reverse-cornrows except the hawk in the middle. I'll see what I can do about that, but I'ma try to get wookie spikes, those just look wicked awesome.

Thanks for the advice-- and..

Teasing, is it required. Cus I don't wanna destroy my hair but hey, if I gotta do it, I'll do it.
I've only ever backcombed my hawk once, and that was yesterday. Just get some good hairspray and a comb and a decent blow dryer.

Use the comb, pull hair up, spray and blow dry. It'll take practice.
So, what I've got from this is--

Yes, my hair can be put up and stuff, without cutting, without teasing.

Use alot of hairspray, section hair off you want to be a mohawk'd.. and use a comb to hold up mah hair while drying. Aight.
Couldn't rightly figure out how to make a fan, so I just went and tried to make some spikes. it was going well, although the spikes looked a little sub-par (Didn't look like it was possible to stand up, but it was.) After the second spike I noticed the tip on the first spike started to burst open, and then my second spike started to fall forwards.

After that it looked like a mess of spikes and hair everywhere.

Eh, I guess I shoulda done the fan.. need more practice.

Pretty much exactly what I was going to post with explainations. Go you! :p
yeah haha i was thinking about adding explanations but knowing me i would probably mess up the whole post D:


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