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Getting a mohawk soon, Not sure if my hair type or length works though...

Hi. My 20th birthday is coming up on saturday, and I'm going out the the barber's for a mohawk, which I've wanted for years.

Problem is, I don't know if my hair type works. My hair is very, very curly, and about 2 inches in length. Oh, it's also very dark brown, though that's not a concern. Thinking about maybe dyeing it a more interesting colour though. Any examples of guys with mohawks that fit this style would be cool.

Also, how wide should it be? I have a pretty large skull diameter, but I don't like it when a hawk it basically just a spiky high and tight.

And yes, my profile picture is a Bane costume I threw together after shaving my head last october.

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Well Christian I am in fact female and my hair is only curly/wavy I would say mostly wavy. Idk too much about the actual cut I did mine at home and its not perfect but I see you haven't had many responses so I'll tell ya what I know. I have seen a guy at least one on here umm I've heard generally it should be as wide as a roll of duct tape and shouldn't taper at all in the back but you said you have a wider shull maybe, so Id just look at a lot of pics I'm sure you could. There's all kinds of hawks. You could straighten it or leave it curly I suppose. I do a lot of teasing to get mine to look decent and I think the waves or thickness of my hair actually helps support the hawk. I'm sure more people will respond I'm not sure when exactly you posted this but questions almost never go unanswered :) Sorry I couldn't be of morehelp.

Well. Im not 100 percent sure what thickness would be best for you, as that is entirely up to you to decide. Mine covers the entire top of my head, but thats just me. I have seen alot of people with curly short hair that have it in mohawk style, and I must say it doesnt look bad, so dont let that deter you.

no such thing as a hairtype that cant be hawked you just need to find the method for you

and same goes for length

but id suggest 3in-10in, hair spray NOT gell, and NOT Got2be they fucked up the recipe a long time ago


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