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For people with long mohawks (anything longer than 4 inches to put up), whaat is the best method of getting the mohawk up?


I have access to BedHead hairspray (or Aquanet when Im on the cheap) and also have a good amount of #10 (strength) Gorilla Snot.  I know the name sounds really really gross but I find this stuff holds up really well.  However, I can see where when you got lots of hair, styling in general (regardless of product you are using) is difficult as you have to hold sections up for longer periods of time (due to the long hair) for the product to dry.  Hairdryer can accellerate this but I just wondered if there were any good ideas on how to construct the mohawk.  Want to not have what happened yesterday happen to me again.

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to get this:



All i used was this:



and maybe... a little this:



then add a hairdryer. 

Boogle, when you put the fan do you do it, do you just use your hands and lift it up and out? If so, how do you get it even throughout without gaps by using just your hands and no comb??

ah right, i do use a comb... i forgot about that. :P

what helped me is that i would start by spraying the roots of my hair and maybe like 2 inches above that. 

I'd do that part with my hands, cause i just pick up a big piece and spray it, and blow dry it while I'm still holding it. then i just make my way from the front to the back. 

when I'm done with that and my hawk is part up, I'll go back with a comb/hair stlying tool of choice/brush and spray the rest... sometimes if my arms get tired i'll put my head between my legs and blow dry with my head upside down. 

then i just touch up the ends with hair spray and use my hands to make it pretty. 

In that picture that was my first mohawk so i was stupid enough to run a hair straightener though it after DON'T DO THAT. it ruined my straightener and was super damaging to my hair. 

Maybe i should just post a tutorial/video of my hairstyling process. 

A tutorial would be awesome!! So, let's say you get this up like that on Monday, then Tuesday morning if you decide not to wash it and put it back up again, how do you touch it up on Tuesday morning? What is the best way to do a touch up? With the Got2b Freezing Spray, I can't use a comb to touch it up the second day as it will produce major white flakes. 

Got2b glue hairspray and a blow dryer.

Do it little by little for the best results. Just use the hairspray starting at the roots and make your way to the ends. After putting a coat of the hairspray use the blow dryer on that area until it feels pretty firm. Repeat this process about 2-3 times per section. I'm talking about a really long mohawk here... If it's anything 10 inches or less you can pretty much just spray/dry the whole thing in one shot

Bed head hard hairspray and a blowdryer is all i use. Start at the front, hold the first section up, spray the fuck out of it, run my finger over it to avoid any buildup and coat each strand then blow-dry till it stands. High alcohol hairsprays dry faster so you don't have to hold it up as long. Ive heard good things about gorilla snot but I avoid any type of gel on a long hawk because it weighs is down.
So which goes on first, the gel (in my case, Gorilla Snot), then the hairspray?
I have ridiculously thick hair.. Even parted down the middle it looks like I have more hair then most girls with a full head of hair. Which is why gels are a no go for me. I don't know how anyone with thick hair and a long hawk can make gel work!


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