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im not a picky guy who only dates punk chicks ( even tho thats what i usually end up with) but god DAMN! girls r so fucking stupid where i live! they go out  w bros and they get cheated on and then come whining to me like im going to symphazise for them, forget that. guys know what im talking about. ladies, if u know some punk dude whos single, hit him up! FUCK BROS

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There's something in all of us that wants to root for the underdog, the one no one believed in. I think girls (or at least us american girls) some how got it programmed into us that relationships should be a struggle or you have find a guy to "straighten out". I can not explain this. Yeah a relationship will have hurtles to overcome, but I've always thought it should be a partnership overcoming the outside hurtles, not one person trying to overcome the other person's personality flaws. I have no idea why so many chicks dig, for lack of a better term, douche bags. I really think it is some odd desire to "fix" him...It's only been in the last few decades that women in our country were encouraged to have an identity outside of being wife, mother, housekeeper (not that there is anything wrong with that path! it is just culturally, we are kinda on still new ground since we are as programmed from birth now to just be mommy/wifey) I'm probably going to get stoned by feminazi's for this, but I think for many (not all) women, we do have a 'nurture' gene somewhere. We enjoy "fixing" intangible things like emotional upsets. Unfortunately, especially for very young women, we haven't quite honed this internal desire and can set about wasting alot of energy on nurturing/fixing guys that aren't worth our efforts. (not that I think this is what drives all girls to date losers....sometimes he's just great in bed, funny, or has a great cd collection we want to burn).
if you are annoyed your female friends are using you as the "great friend" than that is you, not them. draw some boundries. tell her you care about her, but you arent going to listen to her bitch about a situation she chose to be wouldnt' listen to a junkie complain about how he can't score.. stop being these girls door mat. chicks can be cruel, many of us tend to keep a "dick under glass, break in case of emergency". it's a great guy friend who isn't "exciting" enough to date, but treats you better than the bad boys....don't be this dude.

oddly, in my city, the punk guys and skaters tend to go after super preppy rich girls. i figure it is a case of they get shit bought for them and the girl gets to punish her Daddy by letting some strange dude hit it. well, the younger guys that is...the older ones are all married or in long term relationships with normal women.
the few punk chicks here go out w dumbfucks. im just fed up. im WAY better looking then them for crying out loud, how come no ladies like me :/
Hah! I dated a whigger once, worst decision ever. Every stereotype of them is soo true. I mean, shit, the guy was 25 at home with mom, no job, no car. Was abusive and owes me 1,000$. And stupid as all hell. Don't ask.

So yeah I went back to punk dudes. Yeah not all are good guys but at least most of 'em I know, know how to treat a lady.
Really funny ^-^ at first I thot you were referring to Patrick Thrash.
HA they piss us all off!
Yep, even me.
All drama I've ever been in (by been in, I mean complained to) has been started by a chick. WHY.
fuck females. they are so dumb. wearing short skirts when it could be raining outside and get mad when some weirdo fucking guy tries to hit on them. girls like that give girls in general a bad name. fuck them
A-fucking-men. There are so many of those kinds of girls where I am, it makes me sick.
yea like self respect would be a little nice! is it so hard to show that you have brains and not boobs? i have found it to be that guys dig SMART chicks that have self respect then girls that wear short shorts to wear you could see their ass crack. but thats just what i have come to realize. those girls are just booty calls
That's what pisses me off. Girls around here have those three rules, or ones similar, and time and time again they go for the guys that break ALL of them, not just one or one time. Then they cry and bitch to the guys that wouldn't treat them like that that and then a week later they are back with the SAME guy, who is "sorry" then fucks them a few times and two weeks later they do it again. They dont even go on other dates to see whats out there. Everyone tells them to cut him lose and go get a good guy and they say some dumb shit like: "I cant do better", or " I love him" or my personal favorite "Everyone says I can do better but I dont feel like it, he's my everything". It's like an endless cycle. Literally EVERY girl I try to talk to, or am interested in is like that .
Then, IF you find someone, they were in a relationship like that before me and cant trust me or let me get closer to them because they think Im going to abuse them, beat them down emotionally/mentally or cheat on them, when that's totally the opposite of how I am and what Im trying to do.
Sorry for the rant.
ive yet to meet a good punk chick lol the ones ive dated are either bitches or smart asses all the time


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