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im not a picky guy who only dates punk chicks ( even tho thats what i usually end up with) but god DAMN! girls r so fucking stupid where i live! they go out  w bros and they get cheated on and then come whining to me like im going to symphazise for them, forget that. guys know what im talking about. ladies, if u know some punk dude whos single, hit him up! FUCK BROS

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i think thats everywhere in north america!
Dont forget PERIODS....
Me + Periods + Piss me off the slightest = Death.
And it won't be my funeral.
Fuck relationships, and don't think so highly of yourself because of your chivalry some of us like to be abused.
It really blows to hear that. I'm the only one around here before you hit the city, which is about 50 miles. Soo no one would date me. Lawl

uhhhhh FUCK BROS as in? I'm confused


FUCK BROS',,as in'' c'mon fuck these women bros'' or FUCK BROS as in FUCK ME cause that would suck and be racist at the same time you did say ''they go out with bros''

,lol,,,,,I'm speaking in a joking tone for all the overly sensitive  

I definitely see that a lot, in fact I used to be in a similar situation. I used to be with a guy that I thought was a really nice guy but turned into a whiny stupid asshole douchebag. Definitely got manipulated into staying with him but then I got sick of it and didn't care whether or not that if I hurt his feelings so I dumped his ass. Since then I rarely dated and definitely got a better judge of peoples character. It could be the atmosphere you live in, I mean most people who grow up in shitty situations tend to lean towards what they are familiar with. You can't always hate on the girl sometimes the girl is too much a caring person and get manipulated into a situation where they get cheated on but care too much for the guy to leave his stupid ass. Definitely hate that shit too. I being a girl myself wish more girls would open their eyes and dump a guy the moment the situation gets fucked.

Lol, girls are stupid. We let our emotions take control of us, we're completely indecisive, we can't take a compliment and then we'll tell you that you never say anything nice to us. Lying and destroying things tend to be on our top 5 pastimes, some are mega power hungry and if you give em a gun, they'd light you up like a firework and expect a kiss afterwards. Quietly mischievous, and meticulously inquisitive, most things can't get past a lady.


But we're not all like that, and we're especially not like that all the time. My friends and I tend to pride ourselves on the fact that we actually give a shit about other people and analyzing the situation as a whole rather than jumping to conclusions. Most of my friends are guys because I find the description above to be mostly true, but not always as I've said. You just got to make sure that you don't invest all of your time and effort into anyone before yourself. You need to be happy with yourself before you are able to invest yourself into another person. No one really wants to be filler in the hole of someone else. Though it sounds cute in theory, even if I love you, I'm not here to be your crutch. Ya know? I tend to see most of my guy friends hurt by their girlfriends, but it's usually for that reason. Then they come back to you because you were sweet and kind to them and that makes them feel wanted, but when you become too involved, they'll dip out.

hahaha so true!!!!


It's only really douchey bros who have any interest in me :( at least in my city.


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