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Does anyone know the easiest and best way to give yourself your own mohawk? I've done it before but it sucked ass and looked like shit.

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If your hair is fairly short I have heard using a piece of duct tape as a guide works well? I have, thankfully, never had to do it myself though.. only maintain it myself which isn't as hard. Goodluck!

Best to let someone else do it....some things are just better that's really hard to cut your own hair using a mirror and do a great job. Most places will cut a Hawk for about $20 around here. Even maintaining the sides is enough of a job to do by yourself. Some people are better than others, and patience is key. 

best thing is to grab someone you can trust.
I've tried going to a hair salon before and they just butchered the hell out of it. a lot of times people tend to cut hawks so they get more narrow as you get to the back of your neck (making a V shape) 

which is okay if you plan on keeping your hawk really short, but my shit was like 8-10 inches and i no longer hand enough hair on the back of my head to support it. 

So want to make sure it is wide enough, especially if you want a longer hawk like 4" and up, so there is enough hair to support it. Rule of thumb is from the center of one eye to the center of the other eye for width. Also, as the person cuts the back, as they cut over the top of your head going down the back, make sure they leave the Hawk on the back about 1" longer than what they left the top. It will look a lot better to the human eye. And as Boogle said, make sure they keep it the same width right from front and down the back, don't "V" it down the back. :-)

Ugh, my dad did that to me! (the V shape thing). He was all "I thought it looked cool!". Pfft. I had to widen it which is never a fun process.

Yes Corpse.....widening a Hawk out is never a great thing, especially if your hair is bleached or colored. Always better to make it too way easier to narrow down than to widen out. :-)

I have been widening mine again for a few months now. Its the ONLY time I am thankful I have super dark roots. The new growth is finally just long enough to mostly stop standing up. I am so sick of having to bobby pin and spray everything to stay down!

I might have to do that because i refuse to believe that the width of my hawk is consistent (I used to want to be a hairstylist so I'm really picky when it comes to my hair). 

also i tried to touch up the sides myself and cut a small chunk out of the back. 

HAH! Im awesome! :D

Thanks for the tips. Someone used the duct tape trick on me once and it turned out pretty good. I was thinking about doing that myself but thought there might bean easier way.

I've always done mine myself, from cutting to shaving the sides and I've never had a huge mongo prob. I mean, it's hard but not impossible. First I seperated my hair into three parts, pulling the hair I want as the mohawk into a seperate bunch. You can use bobby pins or pony tails or whatever but do it to where you can see the part between where the shaved side will be and the hawk itself as a clean line so you can make sure it's even and straight. Then when I'm sure it's how I want I chopped the excess hair off and shaved it. I've used that method a few times and I'm going on five years of off and on mohawking. People can't seem to understand how I do it myself but I think with patience it's not all that hard. Oh, and you'll need a hand held mirror to see the back. I hope I put that clear enough, I'm not that good at expressing myself or giving instructions.

That is pretty clear . I understand what you are saying. Thanks for the tip.

No problem, if it helps then awesome. ^.^


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