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Hey I hope I'm not spamming the forum with useless questions but i have another. Has anyone had to go to court with a Mohawk or any other type of hair that's not generally considered formal? Does it negatively affect your case, and will they send you out if you show up with one?


I'm going in for a fire-arms ban which they so graciously decided to put on me after I was released from a psyche ward after i tried to kill myself. Don't know if the severity of the case affects it or not, but that's what i'm going in for. Any help would be appreciated.

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well by law they have to judge u on what u did other wise they are biased and illegal so u should be fine
as a court bailiff I can tell you you're apearance is very important , not for what it say's about who you are or you're lifestyle but how seriously you are taking the court and the law, if you turn up looking and acting like you don't give a fuck you will be treated accordingly , as you have eluded to this has far reaching implications if you don't take this serious , slick the hawk back and dress neat , leave any attitude at the door on the way in speak the truth and you will be heard .

dude  iv been to court a bunch of i dont dress up for fuckn no one.  Im usually always in a beater an jeans....they can see my tats an piercings an i dont give a shit...but probl better off not doing what i do  


i figure there agains us anyways man  but i no that my additude dont help.  your better off following the other advice

I really hate to say this but I think it's a case you might loose either way. I don't think a mohawk would help your case, only because people suck these days so if you walk in with even pink or green hair you'll be killed for it. God forbid you do anything different. If you ever need someone to talk to you can chat me up, I'm always willing to listen.
i ended up withdrawing my petition, the doctor said he couldnt give me his vote until at least a year after i got out of the ward. But thank you, i may hit you up to chat :)


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