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Since I seem to get a comment everyday about my hawk, whether shopping, at the bank, in a bar or wherever, maybe you also have had a couple today?

My three today were "darling, cool, and you look like a punk" ( old guy like me???) I just laughed. Wonder what they will say when it's longer than 2 inches and blue color tipped? Learned if you are going to wear a hawk, have thick skin and/or a sense of humor too. GH

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Its a colour lock from loreal nice and easy that they're selling in sachets in wilcos and superdrug
Everyone generally likes it. At first my mom hated it, but she got used to it...hell even my grandparents like it. But when I first got it and allowed to wear it up at work, customers would constantly ask how long it took to do up in the morn, "YOU SLEEP WITH IT LIKE THAT?" and other such things lol. I remember some little kid gave me a thumbs up too haha


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