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Hey.. I was thinking. Do I got too many piercings?


I got them snakebite, angelbite, medusa and center labret and i want cheeks and septum. Too many or?


Pleas help :/

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As long as you don't think it's too many then go with it!

You shouldn't care what we think :)

Well, I just want other peopels respons. I don't think its too much, I love my piercings xD
I think until your face becomes too heavy for your neck to support your safe lol. Just get what ever piercing you want !
I personally would not want that many on my face, but its not my body. If you are happy then that is really all that counts.
You'll be gorgeous no matter what, love. :) <3
I think only a few piercings on somebody's face is attractive - four being the the maximum amount at one time. But its your face, not mine.
I've got 4 on my face... but 2 on each ear for a total of 8 on my whole head... do you still consider that 4 facial piercings?
I don't consider ears to be facial piercings.
thats not to many at all. There is never to many. Just get as many as you want its your body and you do what you please with it.
I have snakebites,septum,gauges,bellybutton and tongue..The stereotypical emo piercings from when I went through a bit of an emo faze..Um i dont think you have to many piercings but honestly i dont go for women with many piercings on there face..My gf has tonguering,2 belly button rings...Hip rings and ears and side of lip...
If you like piercings then get em fuck what every1 thinks but please think of your future hahaha..I honestly dont give a fuck about mine much

sounds fine to me ^^



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