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Hey.. I was thinking. Do I got too many piercings?


I got them snakebite, angelbite, medusa and center labret and i want cheeks and septum. Too many or?


Pleas help :/

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I have 17/18 and I'm adding to the list all the time.

In my opinion, there's never such a thing as too many piercings.

i don't think that is too many piercings, my opinion. i say go for more! i use to have my labret but i took it out for my boyfriend. not worth it now, i actually want a lot of piercings and regret taking mine out.

just go with what you feel. i dont have any peircings yet, id like a few but mostly tattoos are what i want

I think the cheeks and septum would look cute on you. Keep in mind though, cheeks are a pain in the ass to heal. You have enough piercings that you'll probably be fine, but just figured I'd put that out there.

no such thing as too many :)


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