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Ok, so I recently bleached my hair and I'm giving it a short break before I go and put colors in it, but I already know what I'm gonna do... kinda.

I've got three colors: Manic Panic Wildfire, Special Effects Limelight and Deep Purple.
I know the pattern I wanna do: Alternating horizontal stripes down my hawk(think of prison stripes) of two colors with tips a third color. I've already decided not to do red & green at the base, I'm trying to avoid Christmas, so It'll be purple and something else, with the third color for the tips.

My hawk is maybe a couple inches tall. (I'm attaching a pic for an example)

Any suggestions on ideas or technique would be very appreciated. :D

Thanks MR!


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Get a pintail comb (comb with a metal spike handle) and use that to section ur hawk. just do one section at a time, about 2 - 3cm each section, start at the back and work your way up (hope you have someone to help you otherwise its gonna be really tricky!) as your alternating colours its best to use foil to avoid the colours mixing. so wrap foil around each section, after youve got all your foils in blast over with a hot hairdryer for five or 10 mins, and this will help the colour to develop better and lock it in more. before you apply your colour wash your hair with shampoo but dont use conditioner as this will close the cuticles meaning the dye will sit only on the outside of the hair shaft, and seeing as manic panic is a semi, u want it inside the cuticles for longer lasting colour.
when you wash it out just remove the foils one by one (id stick your head over the bath and use a cup of shower head) take the first foil out at the front of your head and work you way back.
hope this helps you, i had stripes going through my hawk a few weeks ago, had red and purple :) have uploaded a pic for you

Oh wow! Thanks very much, that really is helpful. I'll definitely be sure to upload pics of how it goes. I just bleached it yesterday so I'm not sure I wanna do color just yet, unless you think it'd be fine to. I'm wondering because one time I bleached my hair with Flash Lightning and after a few weeks I dyed it with the limelight and it stayed in for a while before I had to shave it off, but then not too long ago I used Color Fiend bleach and the very same bottle of Limelight in one day and the color didn't last but a day. I'm not sure if it's because of the bleach or the time between. Any input?

And thanks again, the pic and explanation really help.

PS - After talking to my mom I think I sorted out why the color didn't stay in the next time. I didn't shampoo before coloring. I just bleached then colored, one right after the other. Well, now I know better. :D
i'd go with purple and green stripes and red tips. but that's just me.
That's what I'm thinking I'm gonna do. But I'm also thinking the red might be too heavy a color to go on top, so I might do the red/purple with with green tips. We shall see.


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