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ok, so i kinda want to rock a hawk sometime soon, but i dont know if its a good idea, partially because i have to have normal looking hair for work, and also because at the moment my boyfriend has a hawk. i cant think of of many other hairstlys i can try and make look somewhat normal for work, but still not be the same as everyone elses. suggestions? right now my hair is chin length and my natural color (you can see it in my profile pic.)

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 Looks like to me you can pull off the 'pixie cut' pretty well. My personal favorite style for a female.

 I used to know this woman who went to work (office job) with spiked minty green hair. Seemed to go over fine.

If you want to rock the hawk you could get a chelsea hawk. Pretty much you would have bangs any type of bangs, like the previous person said a pixie cut or side swept yada yada. Anyways I rock the chelsea hawk and I can still look professional I just part my hair down the middle then tie it in a pony tail. It hides the shaved sides and you look like you just have regular hair.

Depending on how thick you get your 'hawk, you could always wear it down for work and have it still hide your shaved sides....I have no personal experience of the sort since I haven't gotten my mohawk yet.

I don't know if wearing a hat is an option for you, but that might also work (even when it's up ).

This isn't EXTREMELY helpful, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to share:

However, CorpseQueen has alot of good pics of her hair styled down--that should give you a good idea of what you can get away with:


I hope you're happy with whatever you decide! Hopefully this helped some. Good luck!

Funny how I havent been active lately then I come back and find a ton of pictures of me in a thread ive never been in lol :P

Get creative.

This. Worry less about what everyone else has and focus more on what YOU want.

If you want it, you should do it! usually so long as you don't spike it up for work, people wont even notice. There are lots of different ways to style it, just brows through the photos on this site and you will see some pretty awesome ideas :) One thing I have found helpful in making mine less noticed at times is to part the hawk almost in the middle, then clip in extensions on the sides. it just adds volume/thickness on the sides since my hair is rather fine, and makes it so the shaved sides aren't as noticeable. :) Also, the fact that your boyfriend has a hawk doesn't matter, lots of couples have them, and you can just style yours different than his if you don't want to seem too matchy-matchy lol good luck!


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