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Hey!  It's that time of year again when you get to be whatever you want and it's normal! :D  Let us know what you're getting up to for the spooky night!


Post your pics of your costume and monster make up!  =]  If you can make them scary pics: +1!

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I was dress up as just generic steampunk. And this was taken at the "skate barn" theres a barn on my friends property, and he built a quarter pipe and a drop in in the loft and we all party there and have bonfires outside.

Schweet!  Now that's a loft conversion! :D

Mmmm steampunk!

Kinda a mix of Alice Copper spider make up and Jerry Only

Nice and spooky with the 'hawk down between the spikey eyes! :D

See!  Now that was worth bugging about. =]  Excellent costume & hair.  Always did like that sort of two-tone colouring. ^_^  And the cobweb off to the side is a neat touch.


I didn't really dress up much this Halloween since I had to take my friend to the airport that night.

It's not a good picture, we were hanging out at the Santa Monica pier and Venice beach before I took him and I was mid sentence when my mom decided to take a picture lol. I had a tail and such but it blends in with my skirt :P

Yeah, I can't see it, still fun ^^ Though he looks more like a ghost here in that grey hoody.  Add in a scythe over his shoulder and he could be about to take off your head like Death! :O


I like how the sun rays scatter over you both.  Always those spur-of-the-moment photos when you least expect them. =]

Lol, I wouldn't put it past him to take off my head with a scythe :P It amuses me when I look at that photo knowing that I am wearing 3-4" heeled boots and I'm still WAY shorter then him XD

And it looks like it's above freezing nice. Whoa...snap back to Dec 2012 in Saskatchewan and minus 25C this


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