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Ok, so I know its a bit early but I'm already stoked about Halloween. :D

Do you dress up?
What are you going as this year?
Do you fly solo or do a "group"/"couple" theme?
Do you still trick-or-treat?
Favorite past costumes?
Best Halloween?

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I ALWAYS dress up.

This year I either want to go as Tank Girl and have Eliott (boyfriend<3) be Booga or Harley Quinn and some other Batman character that isn't the Joker because its waaaayyyy overdone.

Other years Ive gone solo and done group themes with friends, never a "couple" theme (this year should be interesting)

I still trick-or-treat, but I don't think I gather as much candy as the younger kids =/
You should go as Booga and have him be Tank Girl. Just for the lulz.
That would be interesting...
i was gunna go as tank girl or harley quinn :P
Great minds think alike.
Do you dress up?
not really, im willing to dress up, but last halloween i was working.

What are you going as this year?
im thinking of either a misfit or alex/droog. im not sure if i will dress up this year though.

Do you fly solo or do a "group"/"couple" theme?
2 years ago we all went as power rangers(me and some friends) in suits that were too small for us. but other then that, usually solo.

Do you still trick-or-treat?
na i haven't for a long time, its not that i dont want to, its around here trick-or-treating has basically died, and the houses that do have it aren't into it that much(other then us lol) and usually get pissed when i go up, went 2 years ago(in power rangers costumes) for like 3 hours and got jack shit cuz we got kicked off property so many times :\. so this year i might go for an hour then just drunk

Favorite past costumes?
i was actuall talking about this alst night lol.
if you have ever seen the movie/tv show 'the crow' i was him. my family gets really into the holidays, so Halloween is nod iffrent. when i was about 8 or 9, i LOVED the crow. so i made my parents help me make a costume. this costume was SO BAD-ASS. i had a big black trench coat, some black leather looking pants, and a shirt(i cant remember what kind lol), my mum did the makeup, and i had black boots and whatever else he wore. and then on top of the full costume that we made from goodwill cloths, my mum did my makeup EXACTLY like him. and then ON TOP of that, in the show/movie he has a little crow that's his friend, we bought one at a craft store and glued it onto my shoulder. by far the best costume in any school iv been to(and im serious, i went ALL OUT for this lol, im not trying to be biased, but most kids buy there costumes now aday, even back then all store bought costumes)

Best Halloween?
dunno really. last Halloween sucked ass. one before that wasn't bad, but it wasn't amazing either, one before that i don't really remember, and in grade school they were almost all the same.
so i would have to go with either:
6 years ago, i went as a dead skater, bought a little glue on bolt, spiked my hawk and went in ripped clouths. i jsut skated for like 5 hours as i trick-or-treated with friends was fun.


the crow one i talked about lol.
The dead skater punk sounds cool. Pity many folk don't take pics of their hallowe'en costumes. :|
i actually have pictures fomr all most all my Halloween costumes form when i was a kid.
but i dont have a scanner and there like picture pictures only :\
Yeah, I've been getting old family photo's scanned in - found one from when I was 6. heh heh I want to have all the photo's digitised so I can have them randomly shown on a picture frame one day...if I ever get a digital picture frame. =)

Still, good you got the photo's for the future - maybe someday you'll get a chance at a scanner.
I have seen the crow movie and that sounds like a bad ass costume. I know what you mean, there were only a few years that I actually bought my costumes. When I was younger my parents bought them for me and up until I was about 8 I think I was either a pumpkin or princess every year. xD
Well, I like All Hallows Eve - though folk don't get that much in the spirit here except the kids.

I don't dress up - but I did 'paint up' last year =) Might think about doing that again. I've always done my own theme. I don't still trick-or-treat (much as I still like sweets) :D Fav. past costume: my face-paint from last year's. Best Hallowe'en: When I was a kid and disappearing under a bush next to a path when a group of kids tried to catch me and then hearing them wondering where I'd gone when I was like 3 feet from them. ^_^
That's awesome. I thought about going as Baby a year or two ago, but I didn't think anyone would get it/or it would translate right. And I'd need a blonde wig. D: It'd look kinda trashy. =/


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