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Ok, so I know its a bit early but I'm already stoked about Halloween. :D

Do you dress up?
What are you going as this year?
Do you fly solo or do a "group"/"couple" theme?
Do you still trick-or-treat?
Favorite past costumes?
Best Halloween?

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i was thinking about dressing up as one of the mohawker's on Mad Max or Doomsday...some of the costumes are pretty sic, tho i dont know if i will be able to dress up this year or not

something like this
That would be pretty rad.
i went as a very butch cheerleader last year!

my fav costume of all time was when i was a ninja turtle as a kiddo though... that was the best, can't be outdone.

this year i'm thinking max from where the wild things are, everyone's pushing for me to be party boy this year though.. especaially my work..

and i have officially never missed a trick-or-treat session for 20 years of my life.
Dude, what is Halloween without dressing up?
Almost every year I am the same thing, a zombie.
Perhaps I will change things up this year.
zombies are rad. C:
i have only ever missed one year dressing p for hallows eve
not sure what yet, becaaaaaause
i'm part of a haunted house this year and i missed the last meeting where they announced the theme for this year (i vote for fucked up fairytales)
don't really trick or treat anymore, just cuz i'm usually at an even or something
my favorite costume was when i was younger and dressed up as a spider. i may have been young and naive, but that was one sexy spider outfit.
mmmm, best hallows was last year when we dragged it out for three days at an anime convention in MI
That sounds pretty sweet - wish Hallowe'en lasted longer. :/ It's the one festival over here that seems to be here and forgotten about too quick; 'cause of Guy Fawkes Night on Nov. 5 (which usually starts early) is so close.
i'm taking my younger sisters and her friends (woo.) trick or treating, and i'ma gonna be a ZOMBIE!
then i'm coming home early so i can thro my first kegger! you think you're stoked? man i'm ten times that!
oo i loove halloween.
im going as the hot chick from grindhouse with the machine gun leg
That will be neat. What are you going to do with your hair? Wig or leave it mohawked?
Me and afriend are going as the nurses from silent hill
Do you dress up? Hell YES! But I think this might be the last year cause I don't get invited to parties and it's my last year of high school so no more 'school dances' aka reasons to dress up and not just sit around the house
What are you going as this year? I'm going to be a Zombie Fallen Angel for the Zombie walk tomorrow, and a Hair Metal Guitarist for halloween
Do you fly solo or do a "group"/"couple" theme? I did the dead couple thing last year but normally it's solo
Do you still trick-or-treat? I wish, people round here stop giving you good candy when you get past like 12
Favorite past costumes? I was my interpretation of Rob Zombies Living Dead Girl
Best Halloween? 2 years ago, the Living dead girl costume. Was also the last time we got a decent amount of candy before stopping.


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