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Ok, so I know its a bit early but I'm already stoked about Halloween. :D

Do you dress up?
What are you going as this year?
Do you fly solo or do a "group"/"couple" theme?
Do you still trick-or-treat?
Favorite past costumes?
Best Halloween?

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i sometimes dress up. i love too but there aren't many reasons too.
um i'm thinking werewolf, i got a design for it and everything but i'm not sure if it's gonna happen. if i don't do that and my friends and i decide to actually do something I'll be little red. but there's not much to do here. the candy sucks, it's a lot of walking for nothing, so no trick or treating this year.
i went trick or treating the last two years, i was a pirate and then a doll. the doll costume was pretty awesome.
um i don't have a favorite past costume.
well maybe when i was in like 1st grade or something and i was a cowgirl.
that or when i dressed up as the black cat (from spiderman) in like 2nd grade.
favorite halloween: all the halloweens from when i lived in california, so up to before 3rd grade.
man we got sooo much candy then.
Ah, but who needs reasons? :D Esp. with harmless fun costumes. Werewolves are cool for it. =)
Do you dress up?
Yeah, last year I went as a punk rocker though. Wasn't much of a stretch.

What are you going as this year?
I'm going as thing 2, I have a fluffy blue wig and a thing 2 shirt so I guess I'm not doing much.

Do you fly solo or do a "group"/"couple" theme?
I think I might try to find a friend to go with me. Last year I went alone and the year before that I went with a friend, my brother and my brothers friend.

Do you still trick-or-treat?

Favorite past costumes?
I think when I was a ipod commercial.

Best Halloween?
I don't know.
haha, this year im probably gonna go with a zombie type deal..hmmm.. a dead zombified famous person!! haha, and groups are always more fun in my opinion. and not only that, people say im to old to trick or treat..psh...i dont care how old i am, its the only time on the year i can get alotta free candy and treats!!! its a win-win situation.
I have definately stepped up my costume game. Last year I went as Captain Hammer from "Dr.Horrible's sing-a-long-blog". THis year going to go as Daken: son of wolverine.
I LOVE THAT MOVIE! <3 I have a phd in horribleness.
Do you dress up? - I've never ever dressed up, I always dress as my self. But I am this year!
What are you going as this year? - I've going as a slutty devil girl (thanks to Ann Summers), combined with a hookerish charm or as a grunger/Tank Girl.
Do you fly solo or do a "group"/"couple" theme? - Always solo, never had anyone the dress up with :/
Do you still trick-or-treat? I wish. I live in a village full of tight old people!
Favorite past costumes? I dressed in my old prom outfit....purple corset and huggge black lace skirt.
Best Halloween? Last year, I wasn't hit on by a old perv and I got loads of sweeties :D
I totally dress up for Halloween, my favorite time of year! I'm probably going to go as Vincent from Final Fantasy 7. Me and some friends are going to party and bar hop. No trick-or-treating though, we're all 21+ so it's a bit old XD
Vincent is kick ass! i luvit!
Dont stop just cause your 15 xD
i fly without a license on Halloween
For the past few years my freinds and i have gone around in costume at night getting wasted and raiding "take one" candy bins, and this year is no exception! im gonna be a Norwegian Black Metal vocalist and dye the hawk black. whats interesting about this year is that my bands playin a gig devils night and another one on halloween, so that might kinda stop me from getting tooo wasted... i need to start buying black and milds


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