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A friend sent me this earlier.

I feel a little butt hurt haha

Why Punk is Bullshit

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god damn, did you read all of that run on bullshit? 

I'm proud of you if you did... I seriously could not get through that article.

Anyway when i was reading i pictured the author as some pretentious hipster douche who sits around coffee shops and likes to talk about shitty art to impress his friends. So i wouldn't take anything he writes about too seriously. 

and lo and behold, I was correct. He's the lead singer of some shitty indie band from seattle... no wonder he hates punk rock. 


"Admittedly, punk rock was a club that accepted all the misfits. It channeled adolescent anger and frustration into positive and inclusive feelings of belonging. This is not an insignificant achievement."

that statement of his pretty much just ruined his whole thesis. -_-

I'll read more of this later sometime, I think i enjoy reading the comments more than the article.  :P

by the way welcome back Kidd Kiwi. you need to get on here more often. :]

Haha thanks :9 I've been laying off the internet for a while, try to be a bit more productive in the real life.

But yeah, the article is pretty funny. At first I was reading it thinking he's some middle aged man who grew up in the punk thang since it started... and then in my mind he slowly devolved into what you said, a snooty hipster. Haha but I think the article points out a few facts and points of interest, but there's no way this effects my views and out looks on the people I hang out with or what I do.

And yes! The replies are tooooo good. I'm pretty this guy would be cornered and curb stomped if the people behind the replies could do so.


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