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Shave the sides one or two times a week depending on how long you want it you could leave it longer, hair spray and a hairdryer are best for putting it up :3 .mine was over seven inches when I first got it so when I wore it up I got crazy stares, but most peolpe said it was beautiful or awesome and stuff, my old re teacher said it was agressive but kinda warmed to it, might make getting a job more difficult depending on the style and field. Go crazy with the colours and do what you want if it goes wrong it still ends up great anyway and if you find you dont like it get a skin head and grow your hair out, hope that was helpful in any way :)
If u do it yourself have someone there to check the back, but if u dont feel comfortable doing it yourself go to the hairdressers, and I havent yet mastered putting up my mohawk and take an hour to fan it, the first and only time I tried liberty spikes it took three hours and I didnt manage to fix it the way I wanted to but have found a quicker way to do it now :3 when you shave the sides after its cut it is easier to do it yourself cause its cheeper and saves time also if you plan on putting dye in your hair it is brighter if you bleach it first :)
yeah I had lots of questions too :3 any bright colours with black, or black and bleached looks cool, im planning on shaving a love heart on one side and the batman symbol on the other lol would do them one after the other but friends want both, im not sure how il do them but just shave something easier first then see how it goes :) and down its fine I can tie it up or whatever but at first it annoyed me cause it wouldnt sit straight down the centre cause of my old hair shed and now im kinda used to it
Not that I can think of, but I would like to try a trihawk sometime and short hair with a shaved side, but apparently thinner hawks are easier to put up cause ther is.less hair falling all over the place :) and make it clear you want it the same thickness all down and all the same length, cause im sure the back is thinner and longer on mine so I meed to fix it
:) go crazy and see what happens, mohawks look epic no matter what :P
Yup :3 goodluck :)
The best stuff to use is got2b glued freeze spray and is around £4 there is a gel that is the same but is good to put over the mohawk once you have hairsprayed it if you want to keep it up for a few days use the gel which is the same brand andhe same price :) spikes can take a while to do but after a while you can be able to fan or put up spikes in under thirty mins, some people can do it in ten minutes, I take an hour to fan and need to try spikes again with the hairspray method to get it done faster as i got into trouble for taking too long X3 one can of hair spray normally does three to four mohawks, but at first for me it has been two to three, cause I havent mastered puttting it up without massive splits.
Wait for it to grow out a bit so its a couple of inches long then get the mohawk :)
Not bald or anything but really short :)
Ha lol and i know what u mean about the bald thing, but some.people do suit it :)
I do it myself and.hold up an extra mirror at the back
There wasnt a reply button on ur reply. This is my first hawk and i have had it for five weeks X3 i always thought it would be interesting to have one and thought about it for a couple.of months then i told people over a month before i got it xx some people thought i was crazy others were completely on board but i did get told to be prepared for the stick u get off of some people :)


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