Mohawks Rock

Hey guys!

I'ts been in my head for quite a while now,

and i'm in doubt... hawk or not??

Cause i want it but i don't know if it'll suit me and how will the reactions be?

And does anybody have any tips when it comes to getting

and maintain a mohawk? Do i need to shave it often, should i color it, 

how do i keep it up?

I'm quite a mohawk-noob, i know ;p



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The best stuff to use is got2b glued freeze spray and is around £4 there is a gel that is the same but is good to put over the mohawk once you have hairsprayed it if you want to keep it up for a few days use the gel which is the same brand andhe same price :) spikes can take a while to do but after a while you can be able to fan or put up spikes in under thirty mins, some people can do it in ten minutes, I take an hour to fan and need to try spikes again with the hairspray method to get it done faster as i got into trouble for taking too long X3 one can of hair spray normally does three to four mohawks, but at first for me it has been two to three, cause I havent mastered puttting it up without massive splits.

Like i said i've got long hair on top and short hair on the sides and the back, should i:

let it grow and then cut it immediately in a big hawk,

Cut it now in a small hawk that has the length of my short hair,

just cut the sides now so i've got really short shaved sides, medium hair at the back and really long hair at the top?

cause i want a hawk fast and big, so what's the best solution?

Wait for it to grow out a bit so its a couple of inches long then get the mohawk :)

guess, i'll let it grow for a month and then put the razors on the side :) u like a clean shave or just a short trim at the sides?

Not bald or anything but really short :)

yeah i like it as well when it's really short, 

i really don't like it when it's really bald...

I really can't wait! aaargh why can't my hair grow faster!!!

Ha lol and i know what u mean about the bald thing, but some.people do suit it :)

when it looks good they should do it but otherwise rather not!

Do you reshave the sides your self or do you've got a friend who helps you, cause i guess it's quite tricky at the back?

I do it myself and.hold up an extra mirror at the back

wow quite a challenge!

Is this ur first hawk or did you got any before,

and when and why did you it, was it spontaneously or had it been on your mind a while?

There wasnt a reply button on ur reply. This is my first hawk and i have had it for five weeks X3 i always thought it would be interesting to have one and thought about it for a couple.of months then i told people over a month before i got it xx some people thought i was crazy others were completely on board but i did get told to be prepared for the stick u get off of some people :)

and now there is no reply button on ur reply on my reply xp wow, five weeks is actually quite recent! I've always wanted one but never dare to actually go out and get one :( but now i've picked up all my guts to get one! And if those people don't like you because your hawk, they're not real friends so fck them!

I think it suits you really well! And i hope it'll suit me too!


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