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Awesome!!! :D

Yay!  And it looks even better than imagined.  Nice profile too.  Enjoy it! :)

Still, it's a good length to start with - much easier dealing with it at that length.

Now just need to see what you look like with 'hawk and without the sunglasses - for a full comparison with your 'pre-hawk days' pic. =D


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Great you got Mohawked in the end! Looking forward to do the same….

Just read the complete story of O.D. getting his mohawk.

This is exactly what I need aswell. Someone to talk to about their mohawk and someone to motivate me.

The problem I have is my job, I am not allowed a long mohawk so probably 2 / 2.5 inch is the max.

I would love to talk to you guys about getting mohawked myself. I really want that experience of feeling those clippers mow the sides of my hair of and leaving a nice mohawk in the center, getting some gel and putting my mohawk up as solid as a rock!


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