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So I really want a mohawk. Like so badly I'm about ready to shave half of my head off to do so. But mum wouldn't like that.
But one thing leaves me hesitant. Guys and gals, what do your hawks look like down? If you just have a short hawk don't bother, i'm talking about the medium length and the taalllllll. does it look weird or do you have to tie it back? Cause me styling my hair everyday would drive me insane, but does it look alright down? does anyone have a picture i can see with their hawk hair down? ^__^
I joined just to ask this <3

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Yea, i dont think theres anyway you can do it up everyday!.... Thats just insane! Personally i just put it back in a bun (takes kinda a while to get long enough though) Mines about 10in now, and wasnt able to put it in a ponytail till like 6in or so. Sorry dont have any pics, cause i dont really take pics of my hair unless its up, but it really doesnt look bad at all, expecially if you shave the sides all the way off, cause everyone can still tell you have a mohawk.

P.S. ill post a pic later if i can find one. :]
That's awesome! =] I needta do this someday, i really do XD Perhaps I can talk mommy into it like how i talked her into letting me have a tarantula... hmmm..
k.. mines about 6" long haha (yes i mean my hair.. u dirty minded person u ^_^)



i get paranoid a little bit with my hair down coz of my newly very short sides n stuff but its gettin more comfortable :)
Thanks dude! Nice piccies X3 <3 I guess I could find some way to manage. Plus I'm not hawkin' anytime soon. Mom will throw a fit so I'm waiting till i'm outta the house, ya know? Then go crazy =]

Thanks again!

PS: Don't ruin the dirty joke! XD It keeps em guessin'! Yay innuendo!
Well i've got hair on both my sides it is shorter than my hawk by about 3 inches but when it's down it just looks like a layered hairstyle
Ooh neat. :0 I like that idea!
iv got mine down pretty often, i used to hate it down, and i still dislike it down because i much rather have it up, but due to work i cant have it up all the time now.

when it was shorter i went the devil hawk and combed it forward to the front of my faces and down in between my eyes, but its too long to do that now and just brush it to the side. excuse the very messed up facial look in this picture, it was at a pub:
Thank yeeee! And it really doesn't look bad to waht I can see! Way to be awesome! ^^

That's a vote of confidence for when gets bigger, I like this!

mine's about 13 inches. when i wear it down, i usually just wear it to one side. looks fine. or i part it right down the middle, and you cant even tell i have a mohawk at all. completely "normal" girl hair. good for job interviews and family shit *thumbs up*
not a reall good pic and it was like 3 months ago my hawk is a lot longer now.. i dont know what to with it now. i need to pull it back or somehting...

My mohawk is currently shaved down to the sides leaving a bit of hair but not much. It's about 6 inches long and I like to tie it back when it's not spiked up. Honestly people don't seem to notice that my sides are shaved and you could probably just cut the sides really short and it wouldn't really look like a mohawk at all. I also have bangs so it helps my hawk become incognito. :) You can look at my profile picture but that's a side view.. Here is a front view of my mohawk that I took a few months ago. I don't really like going out with my mohawk not tied back because it looks a bit weird but I always have a hair tie with me. Just have a talk with your mum or something like that. I didn't tell my mom and she freaked but then grew to love it. I am not saying you should do that but if you really want one just have a talk with your mom and say hey it's just hair it will grow back.


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