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god man, just when your mohawk is up, and god fuck when it itches... oh my lOrDDD. 

ITches so bad. 

I usually just like smack the side of my hawk to make IT MoVE so it can stop but this one itch

god it is just a bad badddd itch bad to the BOnE. IM DYING.  I HAVE NoTHing to shove into my mohawk to itch it. TELL ME IM NOT THE ONLY ONE :(

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Hey Veronique, how many days has your Hawk been up? My Hawk usually is good until day four, then it will start to itch a bit. Usually if you take a pen or pencil and just go into your Hawk and scratch it works. But you have to also be able to just ignore the itching a bit too otherwise you will always be scratching it. Only other choice is to wash it out, but I will quite often put mine up on Monday for work, and will go till Friday night before washing it out so I only have to put it up once a week. If you want it up on the weekend, then you may as well wash it out on  Wed or Thursday, and put it back up. I hear ya! :-)

Never Ever had my hawk itch xD the only time i ever itch though is if i stretch my back or chest after a uber hot showr

Lol.. I've had the hawk itch before. I also get it when I wear my hair for 4 days like I normally do. My extensions are even more aggravating because they're hanging right onto my scalp in my hawk and I can't scratch because the clips will possible loosen & fall out. I can't wash my hair but every 3-4 days because it's bleach blonde. I've trained it to be that way


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