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So me and a couple of my buddies started a band just recently. We have a few songs but we cant think of a name for our band

so really im just wondering what other peoples methods towards this are so maybe it could help me and my friends

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 Alot of good bands out there did not start out with a name. But with lots of originals. I guess one reason for that is for a band to find their 'niche' then give a name for themselfes that fits with the final product.


 Good luck with whatever you do.

Uncle [first name of lead singer] and the Bad Touches.

The Crucidix.

umm...that's all I've got.

so it would be uncle dick and the bad touches, that actually sounds pretty cool lol
dude that would be kick ass  or how bout uncle dick and the ball busters
well since I started my band I got to name it I thought of something that meant the world to me so I named it anky dank lol funny but why ,because it was my fathers nick name and he was the one who taught me how to play the guitar since I was like 3 lol and I'm 33 but that was awhile ago no more band for me :-(
dude one thing you could do is take things that u all have in common and use it i had a band called the lefties for awhile we were all left handed it broke up when we found out there was already a band with that name in texas yoju could also take things people call you nick names ect.
the fondudes!
abortion punch
We said a lot of funny and strange band names, and then we just said which one we didn't wanted to have as band name, and in the end we ended up with: "The Yuppies" in danish "Yuppierne" :D:D

scrot n the grot gang XD


haha how about the the heavy dick experience lol depending on how much you weigh, i too am a vocalist


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