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how did you deal with people making fun of you cause you have a mohawk

When I had mine a couple months back igot made fun of at school cause I had one so I cut it off which was the worst thing I did. I was afraid of being made fun of if I spiked it up. I'm going to get one again for my bday next month so how to I deal with this

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Just thought I'd add:

We all pretty much agree that the mohawk a the perfect "bullshit", "fuck face", "worthless mother fucker" indicator.

Meaning, it's a tool to weed out those kinds of people. If someone's gonna treat you like shit because of the way your hair is, would you really want them as a friend anyway? They'll probably treat you like shit even if you didn't have a mohawk.

 The people who are cool to you AND your hawk are the people who are "good". The type of people you want around you.

people are gonna judge you no matter what in life. its just how society is man but ya got yaself two middle fingers and a smile as you walk away from em. stay strong man. Just ignore and they will stop cuz they only do it to get a reaction, and most times its cuz theyre jealous you got the balls they dont have for being yourself.

i was called cock head from first i was cursing the fuck out of them since 2  years i dont pay attention to them cause other wise i would get fucking crazy over them. they dumb bitches nd i dont care anymore cause i cant stand theirs haircuts too so .... Punks Not Dead 

I just ignored them cause there just insucure and jealous. u should just cut your hawk yourself by the way

I've never actually been made fun of to my face by someone I didn't know, but my friends do poke fun at me cuz that's what friends do. Anyway, I've seen people look at me all shocked and whatnot and then they'll whisper to someone and point. I find it funny because if I'm yer topic of conversation all the time, that means that yer a pretty boring person. Most adults look at me and shake their heads, and most younger kids just stare. When I put it up at school, I would no doubt get looks from everyone, but I was only complimented to my face, never insulted. And who cares if they say something? 

forget what people think. you like it thts all tht matters. i get stared at all the time cuz im the only chick in my town wit a mohawk but who cares. if you see someone staring juss look at them smile an walk away or do what i do flip em off and say what the hell you starin at haha

if you don't have the balls to say "i don't give a fuck about what everyone else thinks" then you don't have the balls to have a mohawk.

Really blur out what everyone says they are just JEALOUS

Its called a man check, just hit them in the dick as hard as possible, if they drop then tell them to quit being a bitch

Doll!! u just have to do what YOU want and not care whatever others think!! just think and say EFF IT!!! and who gives a shit cuz ur being awesome in what u like!! so who cares bout others views


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