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i usually just do my mohawk in liberty spikes?
i basically kno how but do u guys have any tips or stuff i shuld kno?

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kk my mohawk is like eight inches long soo heres what i do ...i use g2b freeze spray for ninty percent of everything... first i straighten my hair soo its pin straight ...then i grab sections and pull it up spray and then blow dry ...then i move on to another seciton...there will be gaps soo it doesnt have to be perfect you can fix it more later that all the way around ..when you finish ..go back with a fine fine comb and brush the gaps soo hair will spread to that area ...spray again after spreading that gap and move on to the next gap ....after all the gaps are filled you have a pretty nice fan...i like to get the g2b spiking glue and on the tips to get them spikey ..but it looks good without it ..i just like the spikey look ...then i let that dry and depending on where you live ( i live in florida soo ) you may need more some places like florida for example is extremely humid ...either way after that i add in support and dont be afraid to really spray it on liberly ..just make sure whenever no matter which step you at ..when you spray in hairspray take your hand and rub it in soo you dont get white spots... thats bout it at this point you should be able to bend your mohawk all the way down to your head and have it bounce back up..and you get better with practice soo practice a bunch...i put mine up like five times a week soo im really good at fanning it for the most part


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