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This discussion is only for people with LONG mohawks, like 10 in and longer... sorry for the others lol. I am wondering how everyone rocks the lazy-hawk everyday? My hairs 15 inches and i obviously don't put it up that often, so i was wondering if there is any way i haven't worn it wen its down? ive done the pony tail, french braid, cornrows, regular braids, bandannas and just plain combed back. Tired of them all.... not trying to take anybody's style or anything just looking to try something new.... Ideas?

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when mine was that long i alternated between having a ponytail, parting it down the middle so it looked like an undercut, and doing a top-knot - tying the back and front together and having the ponytail sit on the crown of your head.
I did tha top-knot yesterday lol thanks for tha suggestion!

Maybe you should 

1. Not be an eliteist

2. Look around before you post. There are several others like this.

bam, well said

Thank you.



i think you'll find he wasn't being elitist, but trying to get relevant information. i currently have a short mohawk myself, and wear my hair differently to when it was 12 inches or so. i wouldnt want tons of people trying to give advice that doesn't apply to me.

and fuck trawling through and reviving dead threads. the beauty of a forum is you can create new threads without admin rights, meaning you can ask exactly what you want, without having to appropriate your question to fit someone's 5 year old thread.


you could always try answering his question rather than being a holier-than-thou cunt.

Trust me, there isn't even enough active members to even come close to spamming this thread. xD


And hair is still hair even 5 years ago. Creating new threads only clutters the forums even more.

regardless, he asked a question on here because he can do what he wants. you don't have any jurisdiction to say otherwise, so stop being a little madam about it. although im sure he'll thank you for providing those links, which is what you should have done to begin with rather than complaining.

The links took about 30 seconds to find a pop. It is really that simple. He doesn't need my help, just a little bit of searching.
oh wow hey cunt wtf were do u think ur comin from just attackin a fuckin post like u think u own tha fuckin site?? Im not quite sure but i think u can post any fuckin thing u want to on here and im also thinkin that stupid stuck up cunts are not required to comment on every fuckin post that u think needs ur gdamn shitty input. thanks for tha links. thats tha only thing i payed attention to on ur lil duchy posts. btw... do u even know wtf an eliteist is?? nope. and also btw, thanks MP3 for tha back up!!

Mine isn't quite 10 inches, but my roommate's is longer than that, and i did his hair for him once for fun. I put loads of pomade in the front and middle, combed it all back and put the front into a pompadour. Also used a bit of hairspray. I know its not technically that lazy, but it was WAY quicker than putting it all the way up into its full glory.


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