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This discussion is only for people with LONG mohawks, like 10 in and longer... sorry for the others lol. I am wondering how everyone rocks the lazy-hawk everyday? My hairs 15 inches and i obviously don't put it up that often, so i was wondering if there is any way i haven't worn it wen its down? ive done the pony tail, french braid, cornrows, regular braids, bandannas and just plain combed back. Tired of them all.... not trying to take anybody's style or anything just looking to try something new.... Ideas?

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hmm, idk how to do a pompadour, but its definitely sum i might experiment with!! that sounds hella cool lol never thought of that, thanks!!
it's really easy. i searched for it on the internet, but (not trying to sound like a braggy douche bag) i couldnt find any mohawk pompadours as good as mine. basically the simple way to do it is to comb all of your hair back and then hold your hand above your head and comb all the hair up at the front so it touches your hand and can't go any further then all sort of folds back under itsself. helps if your hair is a bit longer at the front, so when you wear your hawk all the way up, the hair is longer on top than it is in the back section, it looks pretty cool a bit like the cover of the cramps album "bad music for bad people"


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