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latley i've bin feeling really depressed i dont evan really know why i feel like this....every time i wake up theres a new scar across my arm i cant fucking take this pain thats built up inside of's about to explode and i'm going to go with it....i need get over his the right way with out fucking up and making a fool of myself....

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Keep yourself occupied, you have to give your life some juice and crank that shit up, i know its hard ive gone through that and i still struggle with it. and i agree with echo and grody jodi, all these things you can do to work this out. Find things that you love, express yourself, get all that emotion out!, try not to harm yourself, i know how it feels to release all that pain physically, but its not good for you and you have to be stronger than that. you can do it, but its hard work, and so worth it. if you need to talk or anything just mssg me dude. -peace

smoke pot.

perfect :D

I gotta disagree. Smoking pot will not fix your depression. Not even slightly. You'll feel better at the time being, but in my humble opinion, vegetables will make you feel much better. A good diet, exercise, and maybe a way to blow off steam (punk shows/moshpits are great for that.) But smoking pot, or at least when I do, just makes me lazy, tired and sad. I mean, being burnt out is just bloody awful.


hahaha marijuana is a vegetable!

hella yea ;D


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