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latley i've bin feeling really depressed i dont evan really know why i feel like this....every time i wake up theres a new scar across my arm i cant fucking take this pain thats built up inside of's about to explode and i'm going to go with it....i need get over his the right way with out fucking up and making a fool of myself....

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Contact your doctor. Or any doctor. The internet is not qualified to give you this advice.

Why are you depressed? Think about the problems logically. There is absolutely nothing that will be solved by harming yourself.

no but it's somtimes all i have my parents are like 6000 miles away and i'm on my fucking sucks

You just try to work at it a little everyday. Every time you catch yourself thinking, saying, doing something negative then make a conscious effort to stop the negative thought, action or thing you said. It is a hard long process but you can save yourself. I promise you, I have been there and made it out every time I hit a really low point. I am working through it right now, my best friend died 2 days ago. He was my support system, he was there when I needed him. Appreciate the people who are there for you. If you need to talk to me just message me anytime

thanx echo :)

I think its because your in high school. I was going threw the same thing when i was in high school, everything gets better after highschool. just hang in there. Just think about the things your thankful for and try to have positive thoughts and go to shows, lots of shows.

i droped out of high school in grade 8

and going to shows is all i do XD almost every night XD

hey i have diagnosed depression and bipolar one of the many things that are fucked up with me but yea like echo said you got to catch yourself out and correct yourself also walking helps like today i was feeling really shit i took a 4h walk started to feel a bit better after just geting out helps if youv got any mates or any one to talk too aswell even tho thats not always easy and yea dealing witht the problems one by one it takes ages and its hard but youl get there scars heal and so do you =)

+1 on this. An active mind doesn't have time to think of depression.

I used to get badly depressed too. But I forced myself to snap out of it mainly by thinking of all the folks in the world who have it a fuckload worse than me and they still manage.

It can also help to write down your feelings.. who knows.....sometimes when written they can make kickass songs! Maybe that can be something?

If I am angry, I usually go to skating, jogging or cycling alone, and I calm down easily. (sometimes I do this if I am depressed.) But if I am in a depressed, suicidal mode, I always write poems and novels, draw chaotic and sad pictures and cry, it helps me a lot. But if you are in such a bad mood for long time, I think thats the best idea to visit a doctor or something.
 Well, the last time I was depressed was about 1 year ago, so maybe I cant remember all the things I do to forget the pain and everything else. But writing always helps me.

Vegetables. Get back in school. Anything to keep your mind off of the problem. My self esteem is generally high, because I try to feel my best at all times. That's an awkward way of saying it, but really, my best recommendation for feeling better is solid Vitamin B capsules. I will warn you, they will perk you up (like a cup of coffee would) and if you take too much, your piss will turn to a greenish color. They can also cause a bit of acne. For the most part, don't drink or smoke a lot when you're upset, anti-depressants are unnecessary in most circumstance, and sometimes finding some direction can make you feel better. I'm generally the most distraught when I'm sitting around with nothing to do, and not knowing what will happen next. I second Robert as well, touch up on your grammar.


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