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 I was just wondering, because I find my music by going on youtube and just clicking on a bunch of random bands. Or I go to google to look at band lists in certain genre's. Anyone else do this? If not how do you find music?

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mostly through internet. Apart from dat there's only 1 guy dat i have, dat listens to punk and he recommends me bands all the time. click at "MP3" and enjoy! ;)
I pick up compilations all the time. Past that, I've been using Spotify on my computer and phone lately, and it has a related artists tab. It does pretty well on the related artists too. It also scrobbles my automatically, if that's more your thing.
i play a game to find new music. i go to a music store and buy random cds from the section of music i want to listen to. sometimes i get crap sometimes i dont.
this is a great way of doing it - one of my favourite records I bought because the cover had a photo of a guy chucking up on the floor of a toilet
thats actually how i got into authority zero. some music store was going out of business and had all of their shit half off. I found a cd of theirs in the back and the cover looked nifty so i bought it. haha :P
when i first started getting into punk i would buy compilation CDs (like give em the boot) that i would find at stores, id get recommendations from friends or kids who i met at shows, get free downloads from myspace (especially from punk bands that would add me), read people's xanga music lists, go to shows of bands that ive never heard of but knew that they played a genre that i liked, see people at shows and look at their shirts/patches etc etc.

also a lot of times when i'd buy a punk cd, there would be advertisements on the inside from the record company promoting other artists.

wait a minute... am i the only one in here who just goes to shows from bands that ive never listened to?


I do this sometimes...but mainly because the pub near my uni puts on free punk shows :)
Torrents work just swell, and going to random shows without looking at the set list.
I started listening to the Clash over a GilmoreGirls show when it was mentioned in the episode. I found other bands over Youtube when it'd recommend it or something :) I knew for most of the punk bands so I gave them a shot :)


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