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By a while, I mean a couple of days.

I just do the hairspray and blow dryer technique but, if I sleep with my mohawk up then the next morning it's all messy and I have to re-do it and then, it just doesn't look so good. So, I normally comb my hair back down and it's all fluffy then the next morning it's really easy to do.

Is there a way/technique so, that I only have to do minimal touching up? What products work best?

It gets tiring and time consuming re-doing my mohawk every morning.

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thats exactly what i do, when i go to put mine up ill shower night befor put it up the next morning and then keep it for 3 days. just make sure you shower and dont get that hair wet and it will be fine. the most i have to do is occasionally re spray it

Rave 4x hair spray is realy nice get it in nice while holding my head upside down blow dry it, comb it so my hair is poofy n thick then section my hair and spray a lil more and blow dry said section and do for the rest if i get no wind action with a morning touch up and can go for 3-5 days =D

As said before, got2b and/or rave hairspray. 

You could try using knox gelatin, that'll keep your hair up for months (possibly even against your will)


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