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My car: '97 black Toyota Paseo Convertible. when I drive with liberty spikes, they start bending in the wind once I hit about 25-30mph, but stand right back up once I slow down, even if I'm driving 70+mph on the highway. I just have to apply more got2b to the base of the spikes more often so they don't keep wobbling on my head when I look around after a long drive. even if driving for an hour they will stand most of the way back up right away, and all the way back up after half an hour to an hour of not driving. Then I just spray the base of the hawk, like I said, to keep the fan from flopping over, or the spikes from being wobbly. I use solely got2b freeze spray when I make liberty spikes


My job: I work for Primerica Financial Services. I am my own boss, in charge of my own potential in the business, so my hair is allowed to stay at the risk of scaring clients away. It is NOT hard to get clients because we are a company about righting a wrong in the financial services industry, and the services we offer are virtually unfathomable at first, but it is absolutely real! Great company to be a part of. Your success is based on how hard you work, and you are quite easily promoted if you work hard... in fact, they HOPE you get promoted. Pay is unparalleled! Amazing self-employed job I would recommend to anyone who is open to possibilities! You have nothing to lose here.


So I ask, how are you other people able to live with your style/hair/car/job?

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I got a 83 hurst/olds (T-top), I like keeping the top up on the car, so I keep ma hair cut to around 7 inches :P


I used to work installing air conditioning units, when I found out the boss had to pay somebody to take away the old A/C husks that we replace, I quit so I could start scrapping the old A/C units. They have allot of copper in em, which is what I make the most on.

oh hell yeah that copper and aluminum pays when you have enough of it,I'm a roofer and we make good side money scrapping the old aluminum gutters and sometimes we run into old copper pipes and its usually over 250 pounds! thats some good pocket change lol
I got a deal worked out with the recycling company, I have a big industrial sized dump trailer so I can usually get around $5,000 per load. It's pretty steady pay living in Florida, air conditioning units are always breaking down! I tend to go broke during the winter, though.
amen to that, this state DIES in the winter time! I live on an effin island to boot. . . lol.
95 mercury cougar xr7 v-8 its pretty damn big inside as far as the roof is concerned but my hair is starting to hit the top, unfortunately I don't think there is anything we can do except fix it when we get out lol and my mowhawk hates my job because I have to wear a hard hat for like 9 hours a day,,I got tired of putting it up everyday after work so I said f it I just keep it braided and put it up on the weekend,lol
Hmmm, cut a hole in the hard-hat? haha

I just wear mine down at work, I'm customer service at Walmart, go figure. as far as driving with it up. . . I just put the seat down as far as it will go, lean it back, and slouch, then the tips just barely graze the ceiling.

I don't work, I go to school full time. Well like triple full time. Most teachers don't care, some even like it.


As for my car, I drive a 2007 Chevy Cobalt. It's a decent roof height. I just lean my chair back a little bit while driving and my hair is flexible enough that it doesn't really do much if it touches the top.


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