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I have to drive with extreme gangster lean since i have a convertible and the head room is extra small, since its winter now that is. and when someone else is driving i have the seat all the way back, laying down, and my head turned to the side if there is no sunroof.

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Haha i usually put the seat back, and just have my head turned slightly, it is quite annoying
I'm short.  Take out the headrest and I'm good to go.
I lean forward slightly. Mine's not tall enough right now to be a huge problem though.
i take the bus
Florida public transportation sucks. Kudos to you!
There's a bus stop in front of my apartment, and it goes past work. Doesn't suck for me! :D

Train, Tram and Bus for me! I don't get why so many people bitch about the public transport here in Melbourne, its really very good. Bus can be a bitch with sometimes an hour wait though. Fuck that, i'd rather walk ;)


Or I say fuck the hawk and use my bicycle (we have to wear helmets here otherwise the pigs give you a big fine)

Somtimes if  the roof is taller  i just let it bend at the top cause it kinda just springs back  or i just lean out the window with my head on the door only rode in a car 3 times though with it up. I usually walk and take the bus
I slide the seat down and back then lean right just a little, having a sunroof helps
It does suck.  I have power seats so I put the seat all the way down and then peek over the steering wheel.  But I can't lean back cuz the back of the hawk gets crushed against the seat.  I like the idea above about removing the headrest.  Might have to try that.
i have the same problem, my car is kind of low to the ground, and has a low roof. if it's cold i lean the seat way back, and sometimes i have to tilt my head to the side. if it's warm i just open the moon roof, and let it stick out the top.

I sit looking out the window at all times, and if my neck gets sore I look straight and lean forward.

I don't drive yet so I don't gotta worry about that part :D


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