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I tried a mohawk for a bit last summer and it was awesome. I love the "fuck you" that it sends. The strange looks. But I cut it to get a shit job that I hate. Now I'm free again so i'm thinking of putting it back the way it was..

I have to wonder, though. I'm a student for the next 5ish years. I really don't do much that makes me part of punk subculture or anything like that. How out of place is it if I cut it back to mohawk?

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Having a mohawk doesn't instantly make you a punk, though people will wonder why you have one. you can do whatever you want with your hair, and just give them those first couple of sentences if they're curious
Well, most people with mohawks are out of place - because they are usually the only one in their area to have one.

A mohawk is just your hair, what others interpret it to mean is just guess work without actually getting to know the person and folk will think it means all sorts of things. Most of all people are puzzled by it (I suspect) 'cause they don't have that like for it and it looks different.

Personally, I prefer folk who like it to those who don't understand it or disapprove of you for having your hair cut an unusual way. I also dislike the herd mentality that people assume I'm in a particular group and so must follow everything 'punk' that they think it means when it means different things to different people.

Best advice in my view, just be yourself and enjoy it.

i agree with this. i dont think you should try and squeeze yourself into a stereotype. Like kabalos said, just be yourself.

If it feels right do it.

If you want a mohawk, get one. It only really makes you a poser if you are only getting a mohawk in order to "appear" punk....


dont do it for fashion. dont do it because everybody else has one or says so

do anything you wanna do. do the things you wanna do because you want to do them


yeah kinda

If it will make you feel pretty then do it. If you don't like punk tell people if they ask. Or wear a Tshirt that says "Fuck Punk" or something.

You do what they did in the middle ages. The Ordeal. Boil some water place a stone in the bottom of the boiling water, reach into the pot of boiling water and grab the stone. Bandage your wound, a week later take off the bandage, if its healing alright you are a punk, if its infected and not healing well you are a poser. :p

I agree with Paige. It's the only way.


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