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A topic which quite fasinates me and I think this is the most appropriate place to post this, is how much body modification is too much? Of course it really only boils down to personal opinion and not such a conclusive discussion but I'd really like to hear you guy's opinion on it.

At the moment I think I can honestly say I don't think anything's 'Too much' or 'Over the top' because it is for the person to decide what they want to do, that said I can't help look at something like face implants etc and I kinda wanna look the other way, but I still stick to my statement. I work with a guy who used to have all the supersized stuff like tunnels, nose tunnels, face tattoos etc and he thinks it's all about where you come from and what's socially acceptable around your area, which seems about right and it's coming from the right kinda guy!

Also, there is an issue which I can't quite nail how to put it down in words but basically I think that when people feel they need to get plastic surgery to look/feel 'more beautiful' I am a little bit upset because I (and most of the human race) really do love people for being naturally who they are, without the £££ price tag and painful surgery. Although some consider it as our generations version of make-up, I really don't think with the above mentioned it is at all the same thing. ANYWAY What I'm trying to get at here is 'Is it the same thing?' Like, I really disagree with cosmentic surgery to fit a mould, but not if it's a mould that's not been done before.. Oh I dunno that sounds shit but let's see how best you can phrase it.

I also noticed it's a progressional thing, stretched ears now are becoming more and more common/acceptable whereas a few decades back most piercings where about as rare as face tattoos are now.


Thankyou for reading and I look forward to hearing you wonderful people's slating of my self-contradictory veiws!! I really do suck at writing but I think I half conveyed the point here.. well... sort of.

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I think once someone's body modifications distract from a persons flesh, then it's too much.

I think this can vary from person to person, because I've seen a girl with nothing but a monroe and thought "whoah! look at that piercing!", and seen someone with many and thought "what a beautiful face".

Although, my opinion might be a little more conservative than that of the people in those two pictures.

I'm often tormented by the thought of the fact that I (as a lady who shaves and wears make-up every day) have never actually seen how I look au naturel.

If it torments you, don't do it!! I guess it might not be as simple as that but that's all I gotta say about that :)

I say torment, but to be honest, I don't think the ends justifies my being truly disgusted with my prickly legs rubbing against each other.blagh

That's an interesting view, kinda fits with my idea that it depends where you're from because in my new college piercings really don't get noticed because they are so so common so the new people I meet I'm not really distracted at all by their huuge flesh tunnels etc

I've heard it elsewhere and I completely agree with this; there's modification and mutilation. If something you do to yourself somehow inhibits normal daily activities or negatively effects your life then its mutilation aka "to far". The gentleman that looks like a cat is Stalking Cat and he looks the way he does because he's trying to get closer to his spirit animal. As for the lady, while stunning, I have no idea on her. I absolutely love body mod. I don't have much at the moment but I plan to get more. I also know a woman who got breast implants not because she wanted huge tits but because she's 4'11'' and got tired of everyone thinking she was a kid and treating her like one. How far you go is definitely a personal thing though. I wont "go crazy" on myself with sizing jewelry up. Only my lobes will be large. But for me, as with many people I know with body mods, when I used to look in the mirror I hated what I saw. Now, with my mods I look at myself and find that I like what I see more.

I too have noticed that things such as stretched ears and nostril piercings are more popular and allowed, also tattoos behind the ear seem increasingly popular.

Believe it or not, the lady is a lawyer!

How do you know that?

Are her strategies scare tactics?  

Jeeesus C did not expect that lol

Bang on, I like that personally your body mods make you happier! But then shouldn't you ought to think the same about the self-'mutilated'? it's going further and may disable them of certain things but if it genuinely makes them happier then I think I am happy for them (that's a maybe though.. I'm still not sure how cool I feel about Dennis Avner).

I'm not sure about Dennis Avner and the cat thing.. although I can't ever be unless I met him personally and did a load of research but as far as I'm concerned on that noone's ever used body mod to look like there spirit animal before so why would that make him closer? I mean like it's not even a tradition basically. also, cats have whiskers and he has studs on his lip, im fairly sure he would get whiskers if he was trying to look like a cat. and cats don't have face tattoos. BASICALLY I think he might just be a bit of a boring guy who thought of something to do get some attention. but then I probs dont know enough about him to make that asumption.

I'm not a fan of the "tackle box face," but I don't really understand piercings altogether.

I get that some people feel they weren't "born right" (for lack of a better word) and feel more comfortable/confident with all the piercings and stuff. I guess it could be equated to a woman being born a man and getting a sex change.

The pictures you posted are good examples of what I said above, but recent fashion trends seem to be cheapening peoples beliefs and reasons for body modification, with obvious exceptions here and there. 

haha actually now I think about it I don't fully understand peircings and I've got four ear tunnels.. maybe it's just like the next level of jewelry?

I like your point about the mentality of it, because like i said it kinda boils down to personal opinion and it is their free choice to extremely change their appearance.


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