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Regular hair glue seems to weigh my hair down too much, and my parents won't let me use hairspray since it gets all over the bathroom..So I've decided to try out Knox. Now, much should I use for about a 4 inch fan, that I get thinned every 2 months? I've heard 1 packet, and I've heard up to 6, so I have no idea. I'd hate to waste most of it, and I'd hate to not have enough in my hair..

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Geeze, sick 'hawks!
So, should I just try 1 packet or 2? I'm thinking 1 should be plenty, with a little of hairspray.
One packet should be fine for a 4 incher..
The shit makes your hair steel spikes, so be prepared for that....
Alright, thanks. I know how to boil it and blow dry it and all, but what's the best way of applying it to my hair without it flaking or looking like plastic?

Well uh, the way I've done it is to pretty much have it 'up' using whatever like soap and glue. THEN put the stuff on. A ceiling fan really helps. I cant use a fucking hairdryer, I dont know how anybody does...

Even a full on shower wont topple that shit. I've cannonballed, jacuzzied, and everything and the shit stays up. But That was with Murray's Pomade, its less bullshit to put up with + its already prepared unless you wanna heat the tin on a stove.


Ahh, alright. I don't have a bar of soap or a bottle of glue around here, so I'll just try using some gel, and hopefully that turns out okay. If not, I'll just use Knox with some hairspray. Hopefully that works..


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