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How light do you have to bleach hair to dye it yellow?

The title says it all. My guess is to bleach it to near-white, I cant image that orangey color your hair turns after bleaching could be light enough. 

Anyone have any experience with dyeing hair yellow?

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I would bleach it as close to white as you can.  Remember that the goal is to remove as much color as possible. The more color you remove, the more artificial color it will take. 

I DO! 

Go look at my pics. I went from the "blonde" color to yellow shortly after. I just bleached my hair (40 vol) for 30 minutes (but I have dirty blonde thin hair). You might have to use toner to get it lighter.

My boyfriend has hair that is dark like yours and we bleached his to white. He left the bleach on for maybe 1 hour 30 minutes, maybe longer. But I checked it about every 20. Then we used toner for 30-60 minutes after.

Finally got it yellow. Used the punky color yellow but it seemed a bit flat, got "Electric Banana" by Manic Panic and loved it. 

Since its Manic Panic and washes out after 5 washes I'm declaring it "Shortbus Yellow" 

Really? I could never get the punky color OUT of my hair. I eventually just dyed over top of it.

I've actually had some good luck with Manic Panic red and blue, but I haven't tried the yellow. You should post some pictures!

The issue wasn't getting it to stay, I just wasn't that big of a fan of the shade. I got 1 pic of it up that really seems to be blowing up on here!


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