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So yeah, looking to buy some casualties patches from this site:

Going to buy the "proud to be punk" Back patch, and two smaller patches, what else could i buy to make my jacket more awesome? :D

Going to buy studs next month or something! 

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In my opinion I think too many patches makes the jacket look sloppy, painting stuff on it is allot cleaner looking and mildly cheaper. 

Yeah, the shipping to Sweden was to damn expensive, so i will resort to painting i guess,i checked the site out, unfortunately all the links seem to be broken.

theyre updating the site for the first time in like 4 years, its coming as a bit of a shock to me


Hopefully they have some Casualties stuff in there when its getting back up! 

oh yea they got allot... a few... 5-ish

Sweet, need to pimp out my jacket with those haha.

My fav punk band of all time. :D 

i agree with steve. I prefer painting on leather. But if i were you id make my own patches.

I dont have the skill to make my own patches :o

well, if you cuts bits off the right textile and make stencils you can spray them with textile colour spray (like these ). it's not dfficult.

if you don't feel confident in drawing your own stuff you can print something out from internet/computer and then turn it into a stencil.

Also do you know Dylon Image Maker? I've never used myself but i heard it works well 

Thanks for the tips!
Never heard of the image maker, gonna look into it! 


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