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Is it just me or do alot of people have to deal with bullshit from their family? Like if your a vegetarian and they try and shove meat in your face. Or say they just interrogate you with all these bullshit questions. Or if you wanna fucking shave your head into a mohawk and your bitch ass mother wont let you because its  "innapropriate". Am i the only one that has had to deal with a bullshit family? TIME TO VENT PEOPLE!

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I've always gotten grief from my family, if it's not one thing it's another. I'm just being how I want to be, if they don't like it, sorry. I'm not gonna conform to their ways just because it's how they are. I've been trying to find myself since I was a little kid and once I got into college I was able to be who I wanted to be. It helped that I was closer to places that sold clothes that I liked and what not. I still deal with things they say but it doesn't bother me as much as it used to.
family that tries and brings you down are just pissed off at themselves because they couldnt do any better
My dad used to hate my hair and how I dressed but he's gotten over it over the years. And I've always gotten grief for my choice to not drink alcohol. You get used to fighting for yourself and eventually they get over it * shrugs*
god, my family just loves to argue and fight. its like they live off of it. i wish they would just stop
I understand that. That's why my mom moved us away from them, but families fight either way, now my hubby and I live close to my in-laws, they don't fight, but they do talk behind each others backs and I think that's worse then fighting. They don't say anything about how I look or w/e, I've been asked some questions, but I know they say stuff when I'm not around. I'm just like whatever, you'll deal with the consequences later.
I haven't had contact with my family for years, only since last new years eve it's being re-established. When I did still have contact, my parents weren's really fond of the way I decided to look (back then it was more classical goth; black, heavy make-up and stuff) and said so often, though not really bitching.

When we got back in touch, I looked reasonably 'normal' , but last week I visited them, having the hawk up. I figured I better prepare them a bit, before I turn up with how my hair is now. They were definately surprised, but I didn't get any real shocked comments or anything. One of my little brothers was like 'hey, your hair is different' but both the young ones (they are 9 and 10) accepted it quickly. I wonder if my parents will say something about it when I visit them next time.
yea, i saw my family once with liberty spikes. they all digged it. but i could hear them saying shit once i turned around.
it makes me upset that they cant just say it to my face
irish XD
My dad thought I didn't look like a 'lady'. Haha All the usual, 'people are going to treat you different', well no shit, people are unthinking assholes. At my job I always get, why did you shave your head? Or why did you do that to your face, you're so pretty.
Um, the point, in my case, is to get people to NOT hit on me, so far it seems to work.
i have the same problem with my dad i dont look how a ladys suppost to look. tattoos pierceings and "weird" hair styles. are not kindly looked upod in socity, fuck that shit i love the way i look wouldnt change for noone!
My mom disowned me like ten years ago due to my hair LOL, hey ho what a shame she actually messaged me for the first time in 5 years on monday asking if i've grown up yet erm..... NO
How many people HAVE families?? Not me, no


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