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Is it just me or do alot of people have to deal with bullshit from their family? Like if your a vegetarian and they try and shove meat in your face. Or say they just interrogate you with all these bullshit questions. Or if you wanna fucking shave your head into a mohawk and your bitch ass mother wont let you because its  "innapropriate". Am i the only one that has had to deal with a bullshit family? TIME TO VENT PEOPLE!

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yes! its so true my family i love em but they suck dick sometimes! like me and this guy have been talking for a longgggg time now and want to get together (and let me tell you im 19, so its not like my dad can tell me what to do) BUT he dont want me with this dude simply b/c of color and the fact he has kids and it doesnt matter to me so i dont swee why it should fuckin matter to him! but its whatever parents sucks! mine were never in my life i was on my own at one ever tryed to help me but now that im fuckin older they want to be in my life fuck um!

nice venting with you, felt good lol
im 15 gonna be 16 soon and i had to leave my moms house because she was doing fucking meth! and my dad has been in and out of jail for like his whole life and when he calls me im usually with my boyfriend, but he doesnt know im dating anyone, and hes going off saying that he'll kick his ass because hes being rude on the other side or some dumb shit. and im like dude you havnt been here, why are you trying to take pver my life?
My family likes my hair :)
well arent you lucky X)
My family doesn't talk to me about my hair or style. They just love to emotionally abuse me and scream at me for hours about how I'm "out of control". Then they leave me to watch over all three of my siblings for days. What kind of god damn parent leaves their children alone for days? Then when they come back they scream at us to clean up something and then leave for work, or go out to eat. Some parents.
Also in order to feed my siblings I barely eat anything, because there isn't any vegan food around. Then they scream at me for being too skinny. As if they care. I'm still waiting for the moment they actually start hitting me. Until then, I can put up with petty little screams and starving. They should be glad I've been having a hard time finding cigs. If they found out, they'd start hitting me. lmao, or try to get me to run 32 miles in the goddamn snow.
the beatings are the worst
i've been hit, choked by hands and seatbelts, socked, slapped across the face (which i think is my moms personal fav.), actual fist fights, had my hair pulled, pushed, thrown water on, she threw a shoe at me, pulled my ear untill it cracked some how and hurt like a bitch for days to come, been thrown up against the wall and so much more. and then i learn to laugh at her which makes her even more pissed. im barely gonna be 16
Damn, that sucks balls! Fuck....what's wrong with all these parents in the 21st century?
i ask myself the same question all the time! like what the hell is running through your head when you do this dumb shit!??!!?
fucking retarded people
and my mom is bi polar so it makes it worse
Shit..... I'm sorry you have to go through that bullshit. I say we all run away and create the biggest punk rock/outcast home in the world!!! MWAHAHAHA who wants to join me? >:D
i'm pretty lucky i guess. my family is great. my grandparents don't like my hair, but they don't really give a shit about it either. the only time they have ever said anything about it is to ask when i am going to grow my pretty hair back out, my natural hair is extremly tight ringlets, but they always follow that with "your still pretty though even if i don't like your hair". the rest of my family either loves it, or just doesn't say anything to me about it. the way they see it is it's just hair, why make a fuss over it.
I'm sorry riddle me this, I hadn't read your comment above mine, I didn't mean to sound so mean, i just hadn't seen, apologies, that sounds horrid :(.
oh no dont worry about it
i wasnt trying to be sarcastic or anything
its good to know that some people are actually accepting out there X}
i hope it keeps up for you, you seem like you deserve it


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