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How about this fucking morning ... =) I was going to scool this morning so I had to go up 4am. Yesterday I've got a pair of trousers from my sister because they didn't fit her anymore. She said "be carefull with them" and of course, they're really nice, it's "colourstains" on them and they look a little oldlish. So this morning, 5.30am I walked out the door and when I was about to leave right outside my house and LAGGED! Of course my hand got fucked up and started to bleed. My knees started to bleed as well, but I only saw it on the right knee because it's a big rip there. It got bigger ... The other legg got bloody and two small holes in it. Wonderfull! (Not) Happily no one saw me =)

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I was wondering the same thing,,to fall perhaps?well if it meant to fall yes I did the other day as soon as I got out of my car I  did a flip kick like a soccer player and landed like one too lmao
bleeding in your sister's pants?
If 'lagged' means falling, I fell last month in the school parking lot. On the bright side, while I was down there I found $10.

Somehow, no, despite my general lack of coordination.

Probably has to do with not getting out much.

When I fall I'm usually playing roller derby. I don't fall a lot, but when I do, its usually awesome. :]
I slipped on ice three times, didn't bleed any of the times. Once in January, and twice this month.
naaah she was playing halo. and had a bad connection.
Happens to me all the time when I'm using a wireless connection. "What the hell didn't you clearly hear that melee? And he just walks it off...oh... now I'm at the black score screen, that would explain it... just bad connection." :p
haha its worse when you snipe some one in the head 4 times and hes still alive. then you end up dying for no reason whatsoever.
yep, definitely worse, because then there goes your sniper rifle. But hey, if you're stuck at the score screen long enough, usually all the weapon and vehicle spawns come back. so as long as you rush the sniper spawn right when you come back to the game, you're all set AND you have a brand new sniper ^_^


 I took the company's 1-ton truck to go tow a 700 gallon slop tank (to fill with our waste oil). I'm backing the truck into the trailer by myself, so i'm getting in and out of the truck to see where I need to go.

 The parking lot had not had rocks laid out on it or anything yet, and was virtually a skating rink. I go to climb back inside in a rush, I slide completely under the truck.

 ..gotta love Alaska...


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