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im thinking of starting a business up selling diy jackets and wanna know roughly how much people would pay for one. its all hand painted and studded, needs painting again ( more studs coming soon aswell :) )

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wow that's pretty badass. I'd say probably 100-150 US dollars ( I don't remember what that is in pounds )
I would say around 100 us bucks too..  Pretty good job..!

Wicked stuff!!

I'm making English Dogs badges right now!

I'd go between 50 and 100 quid, depending on leather and decoration quality and fit, as well as how much I like the design and how many there are. A one off is worth paying a bit more for.


Then again, decorating it yourself is like growing the mohawk - it's half the fun.

The Union Jack sleeve is pretty tight, I have to say.
It'd probably sell for over 100 US dollars - especially because it was customized by hand.
(But making your own jacket is the fun. :D!)

that might depend on where you decide to sell it, I've sold a few leather jackets at a friends motorcycle shop for around $100-$200 (only studed), and sold a few for rent money on eBay for upwards of $400 that were only half as good as yours (seriously, look on eBay, its pretty scary what people will pay for stuff)

a good way to find a fair price is to take the cost of materials and how many hours it took you to make it (pretend you were working over the counter for $10 per hour)

Have a look on ebay you can have your jacket done for £99 so you could add what ever the jacket cost to that.


sorry ment to say the guy has a shop called studs and punks hope thats of some help....
thats where i get my studs from lmao :)

Small world :)

id pay 100 fuckn bucks man...totally kooo shit bro
doesn't the jacket cost 60-80 quid alone???


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