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So, if you have your hair up everyday, how often do you wash your hair? Just out of curiosity. I would wash mine twice a week but, I'd condition my hair at the same time which made it a bit more difficult to spike my hair up.

I hope that wasn't a rude question or anything...

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I wash it twice a week if its black. If my hair is coloured, like blue or green or anything else, I try to was it as rarely as I can, maybe two or three times a month.

I wash my hair about every other day. It is colored, but it gets oily fast. 

About once every week or two. I do hop in the shower ever few days though to give those certain areas a good scrub.  

every other day

once a week ish and with cold water.

my hair has been black so i wash like 2 or 3 times a week. or unless ive been sweating my ass off then i wash every day cause i live in texas....

I don't wear my hair up anymore..its too long. But I wash my hair when I shower, so once, maybe twice a week..

Mine all depends on what's happening. If I'm working I don't have ut up that often but if I'm at a festival or off work for a week I will stick the hawk up and see how long it lasts till it needs done. If it lasts then twice in a week. Also depends if I'm sporting a fan or liberty spikes.


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