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OK my mohawk is getting longer and the longer it gets the less it wants to stand up! I am using Got 2 b Glued which makes my hair like brick hard but it will not stand up, looks like a pompadour mohawk, any suggestions?

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have you tried egg whites? or mixing two gels together? i usually keep a short hawk so im not so sure how to help


How long is your mohawk ??? .... For anylength i would just say pull the hair tight and spray the base a lot and then just slowly go up and then blow dry it (dont forget to spray on both sides of the mohawk) till its hard repeat repeat repeat.
i agree with chsity's the width of your hawk thin ? oh yeah andi fuck with gottabe glued spiking spray..that shitlll keep the bitch up

I say hair spray! It can never fail, just more and more and more!

Gelatine have worked very well for me as well, but it's hell making it not smell shit and to get it perfect

Hold hawk up, put glue on, blow dry it, then let go. 

If your already doing that, then try hairspray. Got2b Glued is a paste, its weight is heavier than the strength of it can hold. Try got2b freeze spray is strong and light, try that.

I'm not sure if you've ever tried Gorilla Snot, but that stuff makes hair stand up without blow-drying (as long as its under 4 or 5 inches)! When you do blow dry it, it becomes about 5 times harder than got2b. Its not great for mohawks, but its the best stuff on the planet for liberty spikes.
Yea, mines too big for it too. Did my friends hair in liberty spikes for the first time and he managed to sleep with em up
I've also found they do a 2Sexy spray that adds volume, which is pretty good. It's got decent hold and adds some thickness if, like me, the hawk's a bit thin. The one problem I've found with Steve's method, though, is that overnight he tips of my 'hawk start to curl over and need to be corrected.
Which method? This one or gorilla snot?

If you have thick hair like me you might need to torture it by combing to the wrong direction atleast close to the base but well it depends on how you want it to look

I have found using a shampoo to add volume helps, then I use a extra hold mouse and blow dry the hair upward while holding my head upside down...after that light pomade only at the roots, if I put it towards the ends of my hair it makes it heavy and want to fall over. Then I sometimes flat iron after to good coverings in an extra hold hairspray, combing out lightly and then hairspray again to build up the strength. I had a 5 and 1/2 inch hawk that stood even after a nights sleeping on it using that styling. And I am pretty sure it could have been longer than that and still held the style...Also once a week I put olive oil in my hair, which keeps it strong and thick after being damaged by styling. I put olive oil in and then wash once a week, no conditioner and a aussie leave in "hair insurance" while my hair is wet, then repeat the whole styling routine.

Hmm... I think of all the agents I have used, Joico's I.C.E. styling glue is great for liberty spikes.  It will be hard as hell and requires skill though.  The glue seems to take forever to dry so for taller mohawks, your "holding arm" is gonna hurt.


I also like Bed Head's Hard Head for hair spray.  My only gripe about it is that, like most hair sprays, it can fade your hair dye when dying it punky colors.


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